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tunisian partner for uk woman on disability and ESA, with house benifit.

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hi there.
ive spent some time reading posts and wow seems futile as i write this. but my partner is Tunisian, im English and have not worked for the past year and on disability and esa ... we both want to be together here in the uk.. where he can help support me and hopefully work and with a view to marrying. im soo confused with all the paperwork.. the visa types and need help please. We have known each other a year and spent only 2 weeks together in the flesh.. ( i know i know.. not long) but when i know i know.. but assume this wont go down well with the embassy.. any help would be greatly appreciated please. My tunisian partner is working in tunisa, has a bank account and to date saved 2500 dinar.. which i know isnt a lot but hes hoping to have 4000 dinar before he applies for a visa. but would he have to have 6 months bank statements.. because he hasnt.. for any kina visa.


  • @carole123
    As you are in receipt of disability benefits and ESA you do not need to meet the £18600 income rule. Disabled people can bring their spouses to the UK.
    It is easier, cheaper and far less complicated to marry in Tunisia and then apply for a settlement visa for your spouse.

    Your partner does not need to supply 6 months bank statement you do.

    The decisions are not made at the British Embassy in Tunisia. All settlement applications are completed on line and paid for on line by debit or credit card.
    Documents in support of the application are dealt with at UK Visas and Immigration in Sheffield.

    4000TD is not enough the settlement visas costs are as follows:-

    £1195 Visa fee
    £600 IHS fee ( Immigration Health Surcharge )
    £150 English language test level A1 SELT at the British Embassy in Tunis
    £20 Biometric testing if visa is granted.
    Then you have your airfare and wedding costs if your partner is granted a visa you will need to pay his airfare.

    You will need to supply evidence :-
    1. of your disability - doctors letters
    2. your benefits letters from DWP
    3. 6 months bank statements
    4. you will need to show some savings
    5. proof of your home
    6.if you have been married before your divorce decree absolute or death certificate.
    7. Council tax bill and recent utility bills as proof of your address
    8. wedding photos and photos of you together
    9. Marriage certificate
    10. if you have children in the UK birth certficates and copy of passport if under 18
    11. proof of child support if you have children under 18
    12. copy of your passport
    13. Evidence of your communication with partner, printed from Whatsapp, Skype,
    Messenger or Viber
    14. Telephone bills if you call each other

    All of this is a long way off as you are not married. Also a two week holiday romance is not considered as a subsisting relationship. Is there an age difference ?

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    @carole123 - you should also know that the Tunisian dinar is a closed currency meaning that it can't be exchanged!! Also the banks do not issue statements as they do in the UK. He has to physically go to the bank and request them to print off a statement. He will also require police clearance certificate.

    @Alethia is quite correct, it is better if you come here and marry then you can organise his visa.
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