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need help oh!

Good day everyone! I need you guys advice please! I met this Australian guy online we ve been talking for a month plus now; when we first started chatting he made it clear to me that he wanted a relationship that would lead to marriage and I don't mind that as I'm looking for same too...we talk on regular basis and I like him a lot but definitely not love but sometimes I feel like there's something wrong e.g his declaration of love after 1 month( which I feel is too soon and the fact that I don't think its possible to love someone you haven't seen in person) and he talks about sex a lot; he is planning to come visit me soon in Nigeria(which I'm looking forward to) but I'm still skeptical as to if he's really genuine; P.s he plans to propose to me when he comes...So my question is: is it just me or are my instincts telling me something?


  • @gueststar
    I agree with you I too don't think its possible to love someone you haven't seen in person.

    Scammers like to move fast, and will profess their love quickly. If the “relationship” seems like it’s moving too fast then put the brakes on. What do you really know about this man. For example you say this man is Australian but is he from another culture for example a Nigerian who became Australian?.

    Go with your instincts they are probably correct.
  • @Alethia he's Australian...we've spoken on phone so I can tell he's genuinely Australian...He told me his full real name which I checked out on facebook and the pictures he's sent to me are of the same person but he hardly asks questions about me and forgets the ones I've told him too easily; so it makes me wonder how he can be in love without even making effort to get to know me(It just feels like he's not genuinely interest as he claims....i don't know if I'm just the one with the problem
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    I see red flags here. You are right he cannot love you without knowing you. His lack of interest in you is very odd.
    Just because he has photos on facebook does not make it true.

    If you are sent photos of a person you have met on line try the Google Images search tool to research if the photo is real or has been used around the web before and avoid becoming a romance scam victim.

    How to use the Google Images search:-

    1. Download a copy of the photo;
    2.Bring up Google Image search and drag the photo from where it’s stored on your
    computer and drop it onto the search bar;
    3.Google will return a list of webpages that includes several reports of the picture being
    used on Facebook, dating sites and other sites, under various names.

    Better to be safe than sorry. Let us know what, if anything, you find out.
  • OK thanks @Alethia... I appreciate your advice
  • @Alethia I tried the Google image search you referred me to but nothing came up; I feel like the Google image stuff doesn't work (and oh I did it with my phone) or maybe it doesn't work with phones...
  • @gueststar
    The Google image search definitely works try it on a laptop or a PC. I have used it before. Google the image search and read for yourself.
  • Forgive me for chiming in on this but I would have to agree with Alethia. Trust your instincts somethings not right.. I would hate to think about the many regrets you might have if you jump into anything too quickly.. once red flags start coming up.. it would end, should end there. Actions speak louder than words. A
    person who is genuinely in love will remember the small things. Saying I love you is so easy for some people.. And saying it Just because the person your saying it to can offer you a better life... well that's just wrong..
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