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A guy I met online wants to marry me!

Good day everyone!I met this Australian guy online whom from the onset made it known to me that he's looking for something that would lead to marriage which I had no problems with cos I'm looking for same thing but sometimes I feel like something isn't concern is the fact that he has started declaring love to me in just a month after we started talking ( which I feel it's not possible given we ve never met) and he talks about sex a lot (It makes me feel like he's more interested in that) he is coming to visit me in Nigeria very soon (which I'm looking forward to cos I do like him but not love and wanna meet him)P.s he plans to propose when he comes atleast he has been hinting it to me. so my question is: is it just me or is my instincts telling me something..somebody please tell me something!!


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    Of course it sounds ridiculous. All so-called "relationships" that only exist inside a computer are by their very nature completely ridiculous.

    That said, so long as you never send money or reveal any personal info that could be used against you by a stranger then what's the harm, I guess.

    So long as you know in your heart that until you meet them it's not a real person and that you protect yourself and use common sense then who is anyone to tell you not to do it.

    Good luck if he ever actually comes to visit you. (Which I'm betting will never, ever happen unless you send money.)

    Never forget your common sense and street smarts.

  • Thanks @CheersTerry ...your comment is appreciated
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