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UK / Nigerian Scammers



  • Hey broke sad mom why you didn't ask the person who you got scammed by, why u didnt ask them to video chat,,I'm talking to a woman claiming to be Claire nathan, she said she is in the Philippine's...but I ask her to video chat with me and write my name on a piece of paper for I can know that she is real. very sorry for your lost.. god bless you. .
  • Does anyone know /or been contact by a martyn akeksy say's he's (polish) from vancover wa: ? Please help me - us find out if he's a True or false?
    Scummer ! Thank you
  • I've been reading this forum for a while since I think I have been a victim of attempted scamming in 3 different occasions. Even though I make it clear I am married and intend to continue so these guys approach me from Facebook taking advantage of the fact I manage a discussion forum for non-native English language speakers. The pattern is very similar to what people have described here and although I have not agreed to go on having any contact with these guys/girls (we never know), I think it's my duty to contribute here for the sake of others. SO BEWARE OF so-called Walden Martin, Martin Wallace and David Peterson. All skilled scammers, though their accent and language mistakes give them away (they claim to be highly educated American/Bristish engineers/contractors widowed/divorced with a young daughter aged 5/8/12 they are raising all alone). PLEASE NOTE THEY ARE STARTING TO PREY ON NON-DATING PLATFORMS SUCH AS FACEBOOK AND ON MARRIED WOMAN AGED AROUND 40. AND THEY CLAIM TO BE IN TEXAS/LONDON/DELHI, SO SCAMMERS ARE ALL AROUND, THEY ONLY PROTECTION WE HAVE IS AWARENESS.

    Let's spread the word and protect ourselves and our families from those scumbags! 
  • And broke_sad_mom, it takes a great woman to turn personal disaster into public service. We are all indebted to you.
  • Well guys I'm so sorry that some set of the Nigerian youths (yahoo Boys) have been playing on yall intelligence and taking advantage of your lovely heart...I'm a nigerian, I live in Lagos,Nigeria believe u,me the scam thing has become a kind of job for the lazy and frustrated youths here, what pains me the most is that the younger generation are being thought how to scam by their Big brothers in the society, it's that worst here and it really seem to be lucrative for them I blame it all on technology... If u see the kind of luxurious life the successful ones among them are living, you'd be very shocked and don't be surprise that most of the scammers are between 17 to 23 yrs of age. I've been trynna figure out how a 19yrs old nigerian boy manages to scam a 35, 45, 60 etc western man/woman its really funny... I've come across many nigerian youths that are into online fraud and scam and always asked them why they fraud and scam the westerners, the response I get always is "we collecting the wages of our fore fathers that were used for slavery many years ago" while some say "they're facing the repercussion for using our fore fathers as slaves many years ago" well it sounds funny but they're always sounding mean when saying those words. LADIES AND GENTLE MEN PLS WISE UP!... Yes I'm a young teenage nigerian but not involved such activities, I've always believe there is DIGNITY in labour. I love the westerners and as I a matter of fact I'll be coming to the states to further my education 2015 spring summer.... And For the victims Pls forgive,forget and be wise enough, I wonder why u so involved in an online dating when u got many beautiful ladies and good looking men in ur various society once again I'm sorry about the whole Nigerian scam and fraud issue
  • After being asked to cash a cheque in the UK for a guy in ghana, I got suspicious, thankfully I found this forum and did some research on the phone number and name. The phone number was from Ghana. But through doing a reverse image search I found the photos belonged to a model in Chicago ... thanks to your posts I have saved myself heart ache and trouble, but feel for those of you who haven't been so lucky
  • Well done for recognizing the scam, stars, and I'm glad you found some good information on this forum.
  • My mom has been scammed several times already. I will reveal as much information as I know at this time. I don't know if these individuals will ever use the same account/name for multiple people, but exposing the names on here should get their attention at least. They claim to be in various locations in U.K. Anthony Wooker, Fred Wooker (Pretending to be brothers), Adam (I don't remember the last name)... but names don't matter as much as the fact that these guys are all the same. They reach out to people, typically those associated with things that seem like you can make money (It Works, ViSalus, etc. all the get rich quick tricks) They do this by profiling people, targeting individuals that don't have a lot of money, and individuals that had poor relationships in the past (who hasn't had one?). The thing is, no one that has a ton of money is going to give it up, that is how the rich stay rich. People with less are always more compassionate. So beware! All of these people are the same, always have the "right answers" and always live in a different country than you with promises to give you the world. Yet right when they get your hopes up, they tell you another lie why they can't come. And they are tailored excuses, which sound amazing and like they couldn't be made up, but they are.  

    Anthony has a Facebook account with the ID anthony.wooker.5 birthdate December 3, 1970, Male, Interested in Men and Women? hmmm Speaks English, and is "Christian" like they all say. Relationship status is "Single" and he has got money from her. Claimed he was going to fly to see her, but got stuck in Africa because he couldn't pay the tax for his shipment of oil, then had to "pay his workers", and every time he was supposed to come visit it was something else. Last excuse I remember was that he got Malaria and needed money for his pills. Fred Wooker seems to be the wingman, helping to support the story/make it more real. 

    Fred Wooker, Newcastle, U.K. like "The Bible Series" (of course he is religious, can't do anything wrong then, right?) Books: "I Love the Bible" (notice a pattern?) Likes "Christian Prayer Center" and is part of the Group: "Rich Woman Class" (sounds like an interest?) which he created. fred.wooker username on Facebook. Born Dec 4, 1975 (Wow, exactly 5 years and 1 day after his "brother"?) Amazing! Interested in the exact same things as his brother. Male, interested in Men and Women, speaks English and is Christian.

    Ironic he has a brother that is supposedly well off (always has pics of fancy cars on his profile) but his brother cannot give him money to get out of Africa? Please, I'm begging all of you, do NOT fall for these scams. No matter the name, no matter the country, no matter the lie they tell you. They will pull at the deepest desires of your heart and then give you some life threatening need for money. 
  • This thread (and others like it on this forum and elsewhere) leave me in complete amazment. This is beyond being naive, innocent or clueless, it's well past complete idiocy. I can't belive how utterly stupid some poeple can be, falling for these shockingly obvious lies.

    It's mind boggling.

  • Terry , you have voiced what I and many others think when we read these stories. The phrase I have difficulty getting my head around, is when the "victims" of the scammers write "I am so confused" particularly after being told in no uncertain terms that the person they are in contact with is scamming them ! 

  • After I posted that rant I seriously wondered if I should delete it. Yes, it was very harshly stated and I don't want to be rude... but honestly... it's 100% true... so it's a completely fair observation.

    At a certain point people have to stop being idiots and start acting like an adult. When you're a grown up you have to accept certain responsibilities and one is to STOP being a silly fool.

    I have as much compassion as anyone, but when an adult acts like a dumb little kid then it's time for some tough love and to be told to take their heads out of their butts and start acting like a responsible human being is not out-of-line.

    I wish the best to everyone.

  • Does anyone know Benedict Muller?
  • No we do not know Benedict Muller as he does not exist,  because as you suspect he is highly likely to be a scammer. 
  • Hello oh yes I have been on Plenty of fish, tagged, match, and have met nothing but scammers, I just recently told this person off because he started saying I love you to quickly, that is the first thing that tips me off, when I love comes in quick, second of all when his story is a sad one loosing the wife, and having young children. I have heard from my son was in a car accident in London and I am in Malaysia doing road work cant get money for hospital they wont due necessary surgery he going to die, LIES hospital will never turn down people and put money ahead. IF you get messages from Paul Dobson he is in Nigeria a soldier, this is a scam his wife died and he needs money for daughter that is living with elderly grandmother,  Brown Collins is a scammer, James Cleverly, Mark carvihal, so sick and tired nobody honest anymore. I got there number though, Love, death, divorce single father disasters are all ques to look for. DO NOT SEND MONEY TO ANYONE, western union at all. Be wise if someone truly cares for you, you will meet and then help each other,
  • I played along with Paul Dobson for a month I knew immediately about his scam, I kept saying no I do not have that kind of money, he kept telling me if I really loved him I would send him money I said no I do not have money, he finally got mad and nasty and told me off, I called his bluff and told him what I thought have not heard from him since


  • Hello people,

    After being on several dating-websites, I have a tip.. maybe that it can help not to get bothered by scammers.

    I always put in my profile the next sentence:

    "To all scammers out there: No matter what the circumstances, no matter how much you pleed, I will never ever sent money online to someone I have never met in person.."

    If they read this, they will go to the next probable victim, but you are left alone..

  • The mere fact that you're on a website that requires that as a
    disclaimer is unfathomable to me, but at least you have your head on
    shoulders and you're not falling for idiotic on-line scammers that so
    many fools on this forum appear to be doing.

    All the best to you.


  • Terry why do you choose to put people down.. all a learning experience.. Have you been ripped off is that why?? I don't understand Ignorance. 
  • I'm not putting anyone down, scammerbust. I'm simply astounded that so many people fall for such shockingly obvious scams and why you would even choose to hang out on the same websites where these scammers prowl. It's incomprehensible to me.

  • So sad to read about this. What a shame? (:| people beware. I am a proud Nigerian. There are honest Nigerian men and there are few who use the anonymity the internet afords to commit atrocities. I have lost a business opportunity because my friend taught I might be scamming her. It was so sad. A friend in Virginia told me of how herself and some of her colleagues at work got same scam letter from a Nigerian scammer soliciting for funds with some cooked up stories. My advice... Look before you leap!!!
  • :))

  • Hi Terry, regards
  • i am not ashamed but feel like a fool. i know a person who i have talked to for like 3 years because i fell so madly in love with him that i couldnt stop talking to him. he goes by the name of Roger Philpot. he says he is from Arlington Virginia and says he is in london and has been wanting to come to me to start our life together. he says he wants to marry me. i have been scammed and dont want this to happen to anyone else. i am being investigated for fraud and have a felony against me also because of this man and want to see him in person and have him put behind bars for life. the last thing he told me was he needed to come home and for me to save his life because he had stomach ulcers. i havent heard from him since. he says he wont live to see monday which is tomorrow. i am still in love with him and cant understand how people can do this to the hearts of women and men who want to be loved and treated right. im already married but want to get a divorce and find mister right. i dont think i need another man since this though. i think i need to get my own life together and then if he comes then fine but not on the net. the net is filled with scammers. you cant trust any of them. he also talked about a woman named Diane Brinkmeirer and she is from Arlington Heights who has helped him as well. he told me she was a friend that his mom knew from church. he is also a baptist and said his church was called DeeperBaptist Christian Church. i looked this church up on the map for london and couldnt find it. now im going to look it up for nigeria and see what pops up. if he is in this boiler room and is held captive and cant leave cant the authorities get a hold of the people bosses of them and put them behind bars. do the men and women that do these things make money off what we send to them and why cant we find them. if we know they
  • his email is [email protected] his other email is [email protected] he also goes by 2 other names. davecare17 and robertsteve32 which i have all of them on my messenger. the davecare17 is a yahoo address but has never talked to me. but when he is online the others are offline. i use detectinvisible and i can tell when they are online and offline. i know he hasnt deleted me. i was also on girls date for free and met him on cupid. he seemed to good to be true and the thing is, is that that is really true. it is too good to be true. he knows how to make me feel like a queen and a princess. he used the words cutie which i loved and sweetie. sweetheart. honey baby. and has told me he wanted me to look for a house for us to live in when he comes back from there. i went to the point of looking for the house of our dreams and he said when he comes back we will pick one together. he also said he wants us to have a baby together and i am 58. he is 49 yrs. i would love that but he isnt real. he is just driving me crazy and worrying me to death. i owe over 10,000 dollars to a bank and im going to pay them back every penny and not get involved with this person ever again. i am turning over a new leaf and if i can help anyone who knows him and has talked to him to please tell me. i would love to talk to you about my confrontations with him. he said he used to be a model from modelmayhem and i looked him up. he goes by the name LEO the lion or leo the 3rd. im so glad i found this online so i can finally be able to talk about this with someone. my family has nothing to do with me and my kids dont trust me anymore. i need my family. i dont need to be scammed. thanks for everything here and please send some messages back.
  • You are completely insane.

    Good luck.

  • =)) Say it like it is Terry =))

     A baby at 58 ! Scammed for $10,000 all because the scammer said sweet nothings. Madness 
  • It's mind boggling. Utterly mind boggling.

  • yes i am completely insane. i should have stopped this years ago. i dont talk to him anymore though. i am trying to make things right now.
  • Good luck with your recovery.

  • Has anyone heard of or had any experience with a George Connor? He is 47. He presents himself as a civil engineer from UK who is now in Nigeria laying a road. He claims to be an orphan, widower, and childless. I have corresponded with him for a period of months. He has constantly needed money for something. Said the reason he is broke is because after his wife died he quit working or anything. He was waiting to die until I came along. I think he may be a scam artist
  • Normally I leave the responses to these questions to the elequent CheersTerry and Alethia but now I can't help myself.

    Please crazy don't live up to your name!!! This guy does not exist and I don't think I know he is a scam artist! They all tell the same story and I can't believe that women get taken in by this.

    He is a scammer, cut your contact and find someone who is not on a dating site that you can see and hear in person.

  • edited October 2014
    Well said Lesley  =D> There comes a time as you say, when you have to speak out.

    I am at a loss to understand that if we can see that the likes of "George Connor" is a scammer and often the family and friends can see the scam how come the "sitting duck" like Crazybout3cats can't see it :-/

    The other thing that gets me is when people speak about their boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, fiancee yet they have never met these people and their only contact is on line :-O

    Guess I am an old fashioned gal, I prefer holding hands, walking side by side and :-* you cant beat the real thing :x
  • I am so with you on that Alethia.......I much prefer to meet in the old fashioned way. What is wrong with that anyhow?? I truly believe that you can't fall in love with someone you have never seen in person and I don't care how many skypes, texts, emails etc. Hey I even like to have handwritten love letters and poem from the man who wants to be with me old is that!!
  • Not all Nigerians are scammers,,,u guys just have to be extra careful,It hurts me a lot to see this guys bringing bad name to my beloved country
  • I am from Nigerian,I know most of this guys(scammers),,,they are called yahoo boyz here in Nigeria,,,they spend money lavishly,,,if you encounter anybody and suspects anything,my email is below,,,just mail me and ask questions,I know everything about them,,,I know how they operate,how they talk and the formats the use,,,and d funniest thing is that they always die young.
  • Hello Broke_sad_ Mom Well here is my story I went on a free christian website and met a man that call himself Delroy Jack. He said he was Jamaica. a christian, didn't smoke or drink. He said he lived in Albany, NY. I saw the flags but really didn't want to believe that he wasn't my prince charming. He claim to have worked for Exxon Mobile of Ireland, a widower and one son, who was in private school in Manchester. After a month of us communicating he ask me for money to pay for his son's last excursion for the year. He couldn't reach his friends. I refused, by this time we were suppose to be in love found love really fast. I to am a single mom and didn't make a fourth of what he was claiming to make. He sent me pictures of his mom, , him and his son. The website contacted me and told me that they banned him from their site. I had already ask him why was he still up there. He used the ban as an excuse that I wanted him off. The next time he ask me for money. He had said he was about to retire but he was going to invest in the oil business, after he retire in October. By this time we were talking everyday. I would call him all times of the night, when I couldn't sleep. I sent him $1100 my savings. He got real friendly wanting us to talk all the time. So He ask for $5000 more for the business. This time he claim to help get thins cleared up before he could leave the rig. He sent me a copy of an official looking check made out to him from Exxon saying it was what they owed him but he couldn't cash it there. This summer he ask for yet more saying he needed $5000 more. I sent him $1100 more from money I borrower off my insurance policies and a small loan. We were suppose to get married so I quit my job last summer, and my when my retirement came he ask for $10,000. I sent him $8000 in September. After that he claim his son went into the hospital and that to me was just to much. So for a few months we still talked. He ask me to borrow money from my friends. I told him the thought this relationship was a romance scam. He would always denied it. I also told him those Nigerian men wasn't being honest to him about the business. I sent him all this through Money gram. I am not really sure but I could always contact him.He did change phone numbers a few times. But he always sent me updated pictures.His email started saying the same thing and I got tire of getting a lot of sweet talk but nothing else. He got so he didn't want to talk as much so I kinda figure he would stop talking to me one day. It has been a week now. I am not sure what kind of situation he is in or how he got there but he put me in a mess borrowing money. I can't afford to pay it back. I kinda wish I had used better judgement with him. Now I am out of $16,000. I could have use it to do much needed repairs on my home. We talked for 13 months. I haven't told my family and friends because I am so ashamed.I am trying to recover from the loss. It has been hard. I have just prayed for peace of mine and for them to get caught so no one else will get hurt like I did. I did report it to I see him online as invisible to me so I guess he is scamming other women also
  • Sunshine, surely you understand that there is no such person as Delroy Jack.
    Anyway this woman is even more foolish than you
  • Somebody know Jerry Wiliam from Edinburgh, UK? Is he scammer or real? How can I know the fact? Please help me, friends. I've been falling love with him and his pretty daughter :(
  • Firstly the surname William is not a normal British surname it normally is Williams. You must have concerns if you come on here asking if anyone knows Jerry William. Do not be so foolish, you have never met this man or his child, you no nothimg about them., so how can you fall in love.
  • edited October 2015
    athena and especially terry. I do not care for either one of yr approachs an want no response from either one of you to my posting. the 2 of you lack sensitivity to a very difficult situation. so, it comes to me. I have been scammed over a 2 yr period .
    Smith Wilmer is his Facebook profile, out of Swansea wales. I do not believe this to be his name as uk embassy has no record of him.says he went on a business trip, off the net for 10 days, resurfaced in Nigeria, says he was robbed of all forms of Id, money, phone, laptop. requested money and my first mistake was to send him even the marginal amt that I did..125 usd. He was and is an arrogant and angry man and initially refused the small sum but 2 days later called bsck wanting to know if I had retrieved it from wu..I had not . from then on I supported his journey across Nigeria paying for basic living expenses, traveling to get documents with all sorts of fees attached due to what he said was corruption down there, paying for hospitalizations for 2 bouts of thyphoid, dysentary, 2 episodes of being caught up in civil unrest, coma from a kidnapping and mva which I located the clinic he was at and had a fb fruend go check on him. he did confirm his identity but did not believe his story. spoke with smith nearly every day, always honey this, honey that. cared about him and his plight deeply. had a couple of episodes of near starvation. I finally git enough to get him out of thereand back home. well, he has changed his sim card and Iis scrambling his cide. also, prior to this, he had a business associate send me money due him fm previous services provided. trusting the 2 of them I cashed this counterfeit check and sent it to Smith. I am now unable to cash a check in this country fir the next 5 yrs. the banking laws state that the banks do not hv to clear the check prior to cashing and the consumer takes the blow if it's counterfeit. banks do not inform u of this. he is now gone. was he a man in distress in Nigeria, yes. intelligent, yes, yes, educated, yes.. was I naive, vulnerable, lonely..yes.. I lost a great deal of money on my meager my heartbroken..yes...I wil recover from this. I tread lightly with myself as I take a loik at what emotional needs I have that kead me into this scam. it has been hard enough accepting that I had been scammed, grieve the loss of what I thought was heartfelt companionship from someone who was trying to claim me as his wife. he had a controlling to submissive prtsonality...whatever he felt the situstion required. manipulative, at best. he has a heavy welsh accent.
    for thise of you sitting in judgment out there, don't respond to this. I have been hard enough on myself and I do not need yr help. I hv been fortunate to hv the help of a proffrssional friend in Nigeria to ease me thru this pain and the help of a local male friend. this guy is a professional spammer, about as smooth as they come.he disappeared after I had completed final wire transfers to get him home and recognized that I had worn very thin over all the trauma and drama and had withdrawn most affection.
    so, you get someone on line that u hv never met, send them nothing. tell them to use their own resources and if they get angry with you telling you that u r just another woman who doesnt care, don't buy it like I did, maintain yr pisture of refusal because once you get involved with this scam you will hv to pick up the pieces, repair yr finances over time. isn't worth it.
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