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Italy group visa

edited April 2017 in - France
We applied for Italian Tourist visa 10 days stay, me ,my sister and her friend. I and my sister are kenya passport holders and her friend is Nigeria passport holder.
Because i was the one finacing/ paying for the intire trip my documents were used to support theirs, including affedit made by the consulate support office stating that i will pay for the trip.

Because of Alethia advice i submited all needed documents and more. My issue is.

After only 5 days i recieved my passport back with Italian visa on it but my sister and her friend nothing yet, no email nothing, am worried because my documents r supporting theirs so if my visa is already out means my file is closed and their documents are orphaned so they stand a chance to get just worried.
The lady who collected my documents placed all of them in one big bag as a group but i think they got separated at the consulate office....
Is this the procedure ?


  • @Karo
    You do not say when you submitted the applications. If you applied together the applications should be linked and the documents will not be seperated. normally visas take on average of 3 weeks to be issued.

    if your sister and friend were to be refused you can request an imediate review
  • edited April 2017
    Sorry i submited the application on 23rd March and it arrived Italy consulate office on 29th March then my Visa came out on 4th April.
    Am still waiting on the two visas .
    Thank you @Alethia for your advice, this should me the 3rd week since application was submited. If its rejected will ask for Immediate review.
  • @Alethia the two Visas r rejected like i thought.
    So to do immediate review i have to go to the embassy direct or whats the procedure because if i re apply notmal it will take 3more weeks and my visa will have expired as well as my vacation
  • @Karo
    Basically it is a letter from you asking the Embassy to review their decision, show your visa has been granted, that you gave documents and an affidavit proving that you were paying for the trip, you believe that the applications were seperated. Your holiday is now ruined. Submit copies of the documents wiith the letter.

    Frankly these kind of group visas are often refused, it may have been better if it had just been you and your sister applying.
  • @Alethia to enter their embassy i have to make appointment and the earliest appoint is on 27th when by then my vacation will be over , am not sure if they entertain walk in
  • @Karo
    There is usually a contact number on the website. You dont say in what country your residing in so I am not able to advise you where to go.
  • @Alethia am residing in Dubai UAE
  • @Karo
    Here is a link to the website, on line help and contact number for the Italian visa centre in Dubai
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