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UK Spouse visa application

edited April 2017 in - Britain and Ireland
Good day !
How are you?
I have re applied for uk spouse visa last month from dubai.they say it can take up to 2 months. It is been a month now.Are the 2 months including weekends or excluding?
My sponser or his employment have not recieved any verification call yet? Will they definitely give them a call or not necessary? The last time thy dint call and refused the visa im concernerd

Awaiting your response. thank you


  • @barari
    The visa processing time is not two months. These are the guidelines from from UK Visas and Immigration website

    ...95% of settlement applications processed within 12 weeks of the application date and 100% within 24 weeks of the application date (where 1 week is 5 working days)

    As you see weekends are not included. There is no legal obligation for the caseworker to call an employer. The employer letter should be written exactly as per the instructions in the immigration rules Appendix FM SE.
  • Thanks Alethia.
  • Hi Alethia.i was wondering if re applying for spouse visa takes longer than the first time?? Is march the peak season for ukba. . ? Hoping to get visa this time
  • @barari
    A UK spouse visa as I already explained can take up to 12 weeks or longer to process. It does not matter if it is the first time , or second time the process is the same. The peak period is normally the summer.
  • Hmmm . Also could you advise If your sponsor has salaried employment and he has been working with the same employer for more than 6 months so can he show his last 6 months gross wages and double it up to satisfy the obligatory threshold of £18,600
  • @barari
    I am not sure what you mean by double up.
    Your sponsor must earn £18600 or more per annum. His employers letter and payslips must show this. UKVI always check salaries with HMRC ( British tax office)
  • From double up i mean if £1550 is the salary per month can we show last 6 months payslip and multiply by 12 to make it the yearly £18600.
  • @barari
    You dont calculate anything that is done by UK Visas. No wonder your first visa was refused.
    £1550 per month multiplied by 12 months is £18600.
    As I said before if the employers letter, bank statements , the 6 months pay slips and the UK tax office confirm your sponsor us earning
    £18600 then you stand a good chance of being granted your visa.
  • Please review the appendix FM 1.7 financial requirment MAy 2016 where it mentions metions you can calculate : it states If you want to apply under CAT A of salaried then they will take any lowest income that you have earned in the last six month and will multiply it with 12 to count your annual gross salary .
  • @barari
    I just did this exact calculation in my previous reply and also told you what factors are taken into consideration.
    It seems I am wasting my time
  • hello,barari,when did you receive your visa eventually ? if you dont mind...:)
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