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UK Residence card

Hello everyone, my wife and i applied for certificate of residence and residence card. my wife is EEA citizen
Application received on 20 /03/17
Payment taken on 21/03/17.
since then we have not hear anything from Home Office. i will like to do what we have to do.
I know this forum is helping a lot and hope to let us know what to do next.


  • @Kaakyire
    There is an enormous backlog in the EEA section of UK Visas and Immigration. So you may have to wait sometime before the EEA section replies, under EU law than can take a maximum of six months to process these applications.

    Your wife is an EEA citizen so she can apply imediately for a National Insurance Number and take up employment, she does not require the residence card to do this. You cannot work until you have been granted the five year residence card.
  • Thanks Alethia but we have been here for 6 months and we both have NI and we are both working. Today my employer called me that my visa expired. what documents i have to prove to my employer. Thanks
  • @Kaakyire
    When you enter the UK you are granted a six month visa as the spouse of an EEA national this visa does not give you the right to work.

    As a non EEA national you had no legal right to take employment until you had a 5 year residence permit. You only applied for this visa on 20/03/2017 and it will not be granted for sometime.

    You have been working unlawfully and your employer could be fined £20,000 and you face being removed from the UK. Being married to an EEA national does not afford you any special rights, you must comply with the law.

    You cannot work until you have your five year visa, you must leave your employment immediately
  • OK thanks for your advice. i read that biometric appointment letter will be send to me but up to date i have not hear anything. do i have to call Home Office or what. Thanks
  • @Kaakyire
    You need to wait, I already told you that there is no quick fix. You dont need to call any one. You made a mistake. As you are not an EEA national you should apply for your residence card immediately you entered the UK but you did not. Now you must wait for the Home Office to process your documents, which could be refused as you have broken the law by working illegally.
  • OK. Thanks for your advice
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