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Witness requirements for Marriage in Tunisia

Will 1 adult male, and 2 adult females suffice as witnesses (my mother, girl's father and sister)? I read elsewhere on the net that it has to be 2 male witnesses. So much conflicting info... Lesley, Alethia, do you know? Also, Lesley, when I make my way down to Tunis, can I add you on whatsapp for some assistance? I can return the favor. Thanks.


  • @Canadian1982
    Only two witnesses are required at a Tunisian wedding. They are usually both male.
  • @Canadian1982, two witnesses are required, they can be 2 males or 1 male and 1 female but not 2 females. You can use sisters but not the parents I believe. They can organise the witnesses for you, family friends or other relatives not a problem.

    I don't have whatsapp but once you are here you can call me if you need help. I will pm you with my number.
  • Thanks for clearing that up Lesley! If I had a contact in Tunis that would be great (just in case, you know).

    One other thing that concerns me is the Certificate of No Impediment, maybe Alethia can help me out on this one. Since Canada does not issue a CONI, a work-around is required, so I had prepared a sworn statement (Single Status Declaration), then got it notarised and authenticated in Ottawa by Global Affairs Canada (I want it to look authoritative with a shitload of stamps on it, even if authentication was not required). However the Canadian Embassy in Tunisia recommended a "Declaration in lieu of a Certificate..." which is not a certificate, but just another kind of legal statement, no? See quote from email below:

    The Tunisian authorities may ask you to submit a letter stating that there are no impediments to your marriage "Certificate of non-impediment". As this document is not required by Canadian Law, a Declaration in lieu of a Certificate de non-impediment will be issued. This certificate must be issued by the Canadian Embassy in Tunisia, located in Tunis.

    Now here they are saying it has to be issued in Tunisia, is this correct? Or do you think it's somebody guessing what he/she thinks I have to do? Nobody seems certain, as they continue:

    We ask all Canadian citizens wishing to get married in Tunisia to have information from the appropriate Tunisian authorities (Municipalities or lawyers) about procedures to follow, documents required and any applicable fees.

    Do you think my authenticated Single Status Declaration will suffice Alethia, Lesley?
  • @Canadian1982
    If you are getting married overseas, most countries require a statement or certification of non-impediment to marriage abroad in other words you are free to marry/
    Single status declaration is basically a paper saying you are single
    I see no reason why the Single Status Declaration you have cant be used. The marriage office in Tunisia will tell you if there is a problem. By the way in Tunisia there is no hard and fast rule as to what is acceptable. One marriage office will say its ok another may ask you to have the document stamped at the Canadian Embassy.
  • @Canadian1982 - as @Alethia says, it depends on the office and the clerk at the time! You just have to go with the flow here, that is how it works lol
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