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Getting a job in Kuwait.


I was wondering if anyone could offer me some sound advise on how one could get a primary school job in Kuwait teaching children 5-7 years of age. I do not have a Teacher of foreign languages certificate. However I do have 2 degrees and I am currently half way through my Masters.

I have worked in 2 secondary schools before I'm England where I was born. I currently working as a Civil Engineer a job that I have done for the last 8.5 years. Being a 38 year old woman I am looking to change career.

Any help a person could give on all accounts would be much appreciated.




  • @Thankfull - I have a friend who works as a teacher in Kuwait. She is a primary teacher from Australia. However, she is also Arabic so has language skills. She needed to be invited by the school and also to have a diploma in education. It is not easy also to gain a visa even if you have all these things.
  • @Thankfull
    I lived and worked in the Gulf region and I think you will find you need to be a licensed teacher with UK teaching certification. Private schools will accept aTEFL certificate.
    Check out sites such as:
    The Guardian newspaper is also good for teaching jobs abroad
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