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Usa looking to move to Tunisia

I am from the United States and I am Muslim..I have interest in living in Tunis,Tunisia I am retired and receive enough income to live there comfortably.. In your opinion would they consider me? I am female.


  • @tkellis. My first question is 'have you ever visited Tunisia?' Life can be difficult here even for the locals. You certainly will need trusted tunisian friends to help you manage. I presume you have Arabic? We use a dialect here that barely resembles standard Arabic so you will need to learn quickly if you want to manage day to day.

    It will not be a problem for you to be accepted as a resident as you have money (king here). You need to bring a minimum of foreign currency equivalent to TND10,000 annually. I personally don't advise to bring more than you will need each year. Give me some more information about why you want to come here and what you know and I can give you much more advice
  • @tkellis
    Lesley is correct in everything she says.
    Why Tunisia? Its a long way from the USA and you may find things in Tunisia to be quite a culture shock.
    Have you thought about healthcare, there is no Blue Cross or Obamacare in Tunisia.
    Just being a Muslim is not really enough for you to live in Tunisia.
  • Yes i understand that being Muslim is not enough..I really love how straight forward you are here.. it's refreshing to get truth..i have only one friend in Tusinia.. and I am working on my Arabic.. and you have guessed he is male. I have been reading your post and there is no way he will be allowed in USA from what you have told others.. and I'm not a desperate in an online love affair.. i would really like the adventure and leasing a a place at beach would be ideal for me.. do i think I'll go over there and fall madly in love with this guy... probably not. Do i worry about that.. not in the least. But my income more than doubles there..I have insurance that I pay for and make 40,000.00 a year American dollars..and of course i would visit first to make sure i could handle the culture.. I've raised goats for 25 years milking 2 times a day 30 plus... cared for my 11 horses at the same time with very little help.. also a full time position delivering a 100 mile a day route for mail that had 700 customers.. I'm used to things being hard.. Hopefully it has prepared me for just about anything..
    I do thank you for your response.. any ideas on the matter would be welcomed.. even if you want to tell me I'm crazy...i would love starting a business there if possible. Something to do with clothing.. as I enjoy design but never had much time available too work with it...
  • I think Tunisa sounds perfect for a 4 week vacation for you... just to check things out...

    Good luck. You're approaching this in a very common sense manner, thank God.

    All the best to you.

  • @tkellis - well just be prepared...........the life you describe is not difficult in Tunisian terms believe me. Here the struggle is to find the money to feed a family. Living day to day is the hardest thing here so your life to a Tunisian would seem great, and wow they would think you are very, very rich having a good job and so many animals. The culture here is vastly different to anything you know. I agree with @CheersTerry come here for a short vacation and take a good look around. And the man? Well he wants sex/money/visa and not necessarily in that order.
  • I have to disagree..NOT ALL TUNISIANS ARE THE SAME!!!! Thank God I have found a beautiful man who is not of these mentions...There are beautiful men there!! :)
  • @lookinforluv2016
    This thread is about a person who wants to move to Tunisia. Not about comparing boyfriends.
    Whie I am pleased you at last have boyfriend you do not live in Tunisia and may not have even visted.
    Lesley has lived in Tunisia for many years and
    Is able to give expert advice on the people and the country.
  • @lookinforluv2016,

    When you visited Tunisa what did you like most about the country?

  • edited April 27
    @ Alethia...Lesley mentioned her man friend is only after SEX-MONEY AND VISA...!!! NOT GOOD!!!! Lesley may live in Tunis BUT she does not know EVERY MAN in TUNISIA!!!!!...@CheersTerry...I visited Tunisia in January this year-i stayed for a month, and let me tell you-I had read all the horror stories too prior with many warning me not to go to this third world country-that it wasn't very pleasant. I wanted to learn as much as i could about Tunisia so I did the research and involved myself with many forums who were familiar with the Tunisians and in the end listened to my own heart. I was glad I did!!!! This country my friend is different-yes, but if you are like me-you look for the good in all!!! This Country is not like the US-WE live in a rat race-EVERYTHING so fast paced-nobody cares to talk and have conversations anymore..TUNISIA is different..its''s peaceful and calm. I seen Soussee-and this was my place of choice to live-IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Things don't cost as much as the life in the States-the people are very friendly and helpful-AND THE LANGUAGE??? No worries-English is it's 3rd used language-ENGLISH is used in Tunisia...and if not well, shoot who can't learn a new language???..My advice to you-I'm in the same boat...I too thought about starting a new journey-a new chapter in my life...ANYTHING is possible-don't let anybody bring you down on the desires of your heart-do your research and stick the more positive forums!!! ;)
  • Sorry, you misunderstood my question.

    I simply wanted to confirm that you're a brand new traveller and have only been to Tunisia for one short visit so you really don't have a grasp on anything yet - except how to magically find the perfect guy, instantly.

    Good luck, you're going to need it.

    All the best to you.

  • @lookinforluv2016
    Are you still with Haythem from Nabeul or did you find another perfect man?
  • @LookingForLove - you were here for 1 month in Sousse, a tourist city!! Please don't tell me you understand this country, these people and this culture after only 1 month, that is totally impossible. Visiting as a tourist and living here are very different! And as for the man, well let's just wait and see huh? Every single foreign woman I know personally and via assistance on this forum and others are now divorced. Please don't preach about Tunisia to me. I know how it is here!!!!!
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