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Usa looking to move to Tunisia

I am from the United States and I am Muslim..I have interest in living in Tunis,Tunisia I am retired and receive enough income to live there comfortably.. In your opinion would they consider me? I am female.


  • @tkellis. My first question is 'have you ever visited Tunisia?' Life can be difficult here even for the locals. You certainly will need trusted tunisian friends to help you manage. I presume you have Arabic? We use a dialect here that barely resembles standard Arabic so you will need to learn quickly if you want to manage day to day.

    It will not be a problem for you to be accepted as a resident as you have money (king here). You need to bring a minimum of foreign currency equivalent to TND10,000 annually. I personally don't advise to bring more than you will need each year. Give me some more information about why you want to come here and what you know and I can give you much more advice
  • @tkellis
    Lesley is correct in everything she says.
    Why Tunisia? Its a long way from the USA and you may find things in Tunisia to be quite a culture shock.
    Have you thought about healthcare, there is no Blue Cross or Obamacare in Tunisia.
    Just being a Muslim is not really enough for you to live in Tunisia.
  • Yes i understand that being Muslim is not enough..I really love how straight forward you are here.. it's refreshing to get truth..i have only one friend in Tusinia.. and I am working on my Arabic.. and you have guessed he is male. I have been reading your post and there is no way he will be allowed in USA from what you have told others.. and I'm not a desperate in an online love affair.. i would really like the adventure and leasing a a place at beach would be ideal for me.. do i think I'll go over there and fall madly in love with this guy... probably not. Do i worry about that.. not in the least. But my income more than doubles there..I have insurance that I pay for and make 40,000.00 a year American dollars..and of course i would visit first to make sure i could handle the culture.. I've raised goats for 25 years milking 2 times a day 30 plus... cared for my 11 horses at the same time with very little help.. also a full time position delivering a 100 mile a day route for mail that had 700 customers.. I'm used to things being hard.. Hopefully it has prepared me for just about anything..
    I do thank you for your response.. any ideas on the matter would be welcomed.. even if you want to tell me I'm crazy...i would love starting a business there if possible. Something to do with clothing.. as I enjoy design but never had much time available too work with it...
  • I think Tunisa sounds perfect for a 4 week vacation for you... just to check things out...

    Good luck. You're approaching this in a very common sense manner, thank God.

    All the best to you.

  • @tkellis - well just be prepared...........the life you describe is not difficult in Tunisian terms believe me. Here the struggle is to find the money to feed a family. Living day to day is the hardest thing here so your life to a Tunisian would seem great, and wow they would think you are very, very rich having a good job and so many animals. The culture here is vastly different to anything you know. I agree with @CheersTerry come here for a short vacation and take a good look around. And the man? Well he wants sex/money/visa and not necessarily in that order.
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