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Usa looking to move to Tunisia

I am from the United States and I am Muslim..I have interest in living in Tunis,Tunisia I am retired and receive enough income to live there comfortably.. In your opinion would they consider me? I am female.


  • @tkellis
    If you have sufficient funds and accomodation that meet the governments requirements for a residence permit then you can live in Tunisia.
    Being a single female is not a barrier.

    What I would say is this, have you ever been to Tunisia? If not I suggest, I suggest you visit and get to know the place.As an American you may find living in Tunisia a culture shock, its not the romantic idyll you may have imagined.
  • Yes being a single female was my main concern. While romance is a wonderful thing. I am a realist. And I have no intention of marrying someone I do not know. I value your council on this..i have been doing allot of research on the area and what one may expect... the Language barrier would be the only draw back that i can see.
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