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holiday in Minsk

edited August 2009 in - Eastern Europe

I' m going to spend my holiday in Minsk, Could someone, please, recommend where to stay, what to see. Please, share your experience. I would like even to hire a guide if this service is available in Minsk, is it?))))



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    Yes, private guides are certified in Minsk by the National Travel Agency and a Google search for Minsk private guides should provide some results. There are budget hotels but apartments still outbeat them by price and quality. If you are staying for less than 5 business days you don't have to register.

  • when I was in Minsk in 2008 I even couldn't hire a car :( cause there was no online booking car rental company avalable as now exists for example
  • Yeah i,m also going to Minsk in the next month for a week.I like this place to spend my holidays there because there are many things to do and to see.As like Belarusian State Circus,Minsk Zoo,National Library,National Museum,Victory Square etc.I hope i will enjoy a lot there with my friends.I like it.
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