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UKVI from Dubai

edited April 2017 in - Dubai
Hi All, @Alethia

I am a Pakistani National and currently work and live in Dubai having resident visa. My wife is British and I am planning to apply for a spouse visa. We know the required document checklist and process very well but have below concerns. I will appreciate if you can respond for each query.

1- I need to fill online application,get it printed and need to submit it along with all supporting documents at VFS global Dubai? My wife has nothing to submit at UK sheffield office, please confirm?
2- Since I've been a UAE resident and living here for more than 2 years, I am exempted from TB test, please confirm?
3- We have a marriage certificate as given by the council office in PK, but doest it require any attestation from PK, Dubai or UK officials?
4- Once I will get the UK visa, how much time will I have to appear in UK? I have heard I need to visit UK within 60 days or is it 2 week time, please confirm?
5- Is there any possibility I can visit UK for 1 week and complete required processing there and return back to Dubai? BTW how long it takes to complete the required processing at UK side from my end?

Awaiting your expert advice, thanks :)



  • @imfaiz
    You say you know the UK visa document and checklist very well. I have been an immigration lawyer for over 25 years and I check everything , as the Home Office are forever moving the goal posts.

    1. You do not need to send any documents to Sheffield as the UK Home Office has a visa processing unit in the UAE.
    2. You do not need a TB test as you have lived in the UAE for more than 6 months
    3. Your Pakistani marriage certificate does not need any certification as Pakistani marriages are accepted as legal in the UK. Your certificate must an original with an English translation.
    4.After the visa is granted you have only 30 days to travel to the UK where upon arrival you must process your biometrics at the Post Office . If you fail to enter the UK within 30 days your visa will be cancelled.
    5.I suggest you finish all your business in Dubai as once the residence permit is issued you are supposed to live in the UK for the next 30 months apart from normal holidays.
  • @Alethia

    Many thanks for your quick response and time, really appreciate your support. Few more Qns,

    6- I work in an MNC here and I need to follow a proper job leaving process. My only worry is how shall I serve my notice period of 30 days and travel to UK for bio metrics there ?? Please advice me the best option for a smooth transition form Dubai > UK
    a)Shall I resign prior to my UK visa confirmation, if yes then it will be a risk because I wouldn't know if the visa will be a success or not.
    b) Shall I resign after getting UK visa, then I will be fall short of time to serve my notice period of 30 days as I have to appear within 15 days in UK.
    c) or I should take a brave call and leave the company without serving notice period which I don't want as I have a very good reputation here and want to leave the company on good friendly notes and you know the visa cancellation process and all final settlement process.

    7- Are you sure PK marriage certificate doesn't needs any MOFA attestation? Please confirm. Yes it is translated in English already. We got married in PK and MC also got printed there.

  • @imfaiz
    I really do not understand your problem.If the visa is granted you will live in the UK and do not need your job in Dubai. If and when your visa is granted then just advise the company you are leaving, simple. Who cares what the company thinks.
    I am absolutely sure that marriage certificates issued in Pakistan do not need further certification. In the past twenty five years I have prepared many settlement applications with Oakistani marriage certificates. You only need an English translation which in the modern certificates is automatically provided by the Union Council.
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