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Schengen visa if you have been deported.

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Hi I am seeking some advice please if anyone call help.
My sister's husband was deported from the UK twice, first time was 2014 after serving prison sentence and then he came back and was caught again after a few months as he couldn't keep quiet and so was deported again in 2015.
He had never had a stay in the UK he was a failed asylum seeker.
There is a company in his country offering to get people schengen visas for about £4000, is he likely to be able to get one of these visas to be able to go into Europe?
Or would he be refused?


  • "... There is a company in his country offering to get people schengen visas for about £4000..."

    Please post a link to this company. Thanks.

  • @nyah
    We do not offer advice on this forum to people who take part in criminal or illegal activities.
    For your information your relative will never be granted a legal Schengen visa to Europe as the Schengen countries anf the EU share security information on deported criminals.
  • Oh that's good news then as we don't really want him to return here.
    And sorry didn't realize that we was writing anything wrong, he just told us that a company can do that for him that's all and we wanted to know how true that was.
  • @nyah
    No legal company will offer this kind of service
  • Oh right I see, we didn't know anything other than what he said that you pay this money and they get you a visa to Europe. Like a tourist visa i think he meant.
  • edited April 2017
    A Schengen tourist visa costs 60 Euro ( £50 or $ 74 )
    So why would your brother need to pay £4000? Because he has a criminal record and no country will give him a legal visa he has found people promising to provide an illegal way into Europe. Are you really so naive that you did not understand that this is illegal?
    These people may just steal this money, or the visa most likely will be detected at the border and he will go to prison and be deported again.
  • Yes sorry we are naive when it comes to this kind of thing as We have no reason to have any knowledge about it before.
    As they say you learn something new every day.
  • @nyah
    I am glad we were able to help you before you paid out good money to these criminals
  • No we don't have that kind of money anyway and if we did we would use it for better things, but he will probably try and save up himself because It is highly unlikely he will want to stay there.
    But it might take awhile for him to save up.
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