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My visit to Sapa, Vietnam

I have gone to Sapa many years ago and I'm about to go again in this month.
The place is very beautiful, peaceful, and majestic. The weather is changing all the time. Maybe in the morning, the weather's belonged to spring but in the afternoon you can feel hot like summer, and then fall and winter in the evening.
In Sapa, I mostly ate BBQ which they sell on the street. Although I didn't know that it's safety or not, but it's delicious and I still come back healthy.
The hotel I choose to stay is Sapa Summit hotel. I chose that hotel because of good price and good quality of service. But the road from town to the hotel is quite slope because the hotel is high above, but you can rent a motorbike. However, to compensate for the disadvantage of being in a fairly high position, the hotel has a very good view to the outside. My room was on the 3rd floor, from my room, I could see Muong Hoa valley, and part of Sapa town. The hotel's restaurant and bar also have views over the valley, and the Fansipan Mountains. In the morning, I woke up, drank coffee, watched the cloud flying. It's very peaceful.
In this time coming to Sapa I will still choose this hotel because I heard that in April the hotel offers room rate promotions. The hotel located in 10, Thac Bac street, Sapa town for you to know if you have need too.


  • Sapa is really a nice place to visit in Vietnam. It is a small mountain town that was established in 1922 by french and today its the centre of tourism in Northern Vietnam. This town is closed to China border and a very popular tourism spot in Northern Vietnam. If you like trekking or hiking then try to visiting this place
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