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man in greece

Does anyone know a Michael Becca. Becker... from greece. He is harassing me about me ruining his life and job stating that I need to pay for gas turbines. Haaa. He's nuts..I have stopped tslking to him. His email is [email protected]


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    I really do not understand why you are afraid. The internet is not the real world. Hangouts has a " block " facility , use it, then this man cannot contact you.

    This person is more likely to be found in an internet cafe in Nigeria than on an oil rig in Greece. :wink:
    He is a scammer trying to get money from women on line.
    Oil rigs are run by multi million energy companys not by deluded scammers who tell lies to obtain money.
    Block this person imediately and move on
  • This man is threatening g me by saying things to my family members on facebook...what should I do. After all. He use to be on there...I am concerned he will cause trouble for me. Feeling stressed right now and worried. Please help.
  • He is saying I gave 24 hours to make payment for him so he can buy parts for the oil rig. Gas turbines. Yea. Right. He's nuts!!!
  • His email is [email protected] I just want him to stop harassing me and threatening me
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    For crying out loud, why are you wasting one moment of your time on this?!

    His name isn't Michael Becca Becker and he's not on an oil rig. He's a scammer sitting in a basement in Nigeria, Ghana, etc. and he's laughing his head off that you're so naive.

    Stop pretending or believing that the make-believe people inside your computer are real. Block him, stop all correspondence and move on with your life.

    And in the future stop giving out your personal information to utter strangers!!!

  • @Bella1964
    Stop being so silly. Terry and I have both told you that Michael Becca Becker is not a real person. He is a scammer a liar and a thief.
    Block him , unfriend him and tell your friends and family to do the same.
    Stop going on line and get a life in the real world
  • Delete your f/b page and make another............simples!!! Take the advice of @Alethia and @CheersTerry. He can do nothing to you.
  • He is threatening to ruin my marriage and family about what he can do if I don't go back on hangouts. I'm really worried. How do I delete facebook
  • This is really stressing me and I'm scared
  • My email address is [email protected] if someone wants to talk to me. I NEED help
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    Bella, are you for real?

    If you're smart enough to sign up to Facebook and then you can surely read their FAQ and figure out how to delete your account.

    You just got reminded to NEVER give out personal information on the internet and yet you go right ahead and post your email address.

    You're either incredibly naive and (with all due respect) very foolish, or you're trolling here for some reason. Which is it?

  • @Bella1964, I would recommend just blocking him on Facebook too - he won't be able to contact you or tag you, so no problem. He may still be able to email you, but you can ensure his emails go straight to spam.

    If this guy has no way to contact you, he can't follow through on any of his threats. Here's how to block on FB:
  • Ok terry... yes. I left my email l for help. And no he isn't on facebook...
  • @Bella1964
    You claimed in an earlier post that the man was "saying things" to your family on Facebook but now you say he is not on Facebook.
    This does not make sense. If this man is not on facebook and you blocked him on Hangouts why or how are you still in contact with him?
    How does he know your friends and families details?
    I repeat again. This man is not Michael Becker working on an oil rig that is a fake identity. There is no such person.
    He is committing a crime by scamming and blackmailing you.
    Stop all contact with this person now and change your email address.

    I am with Terry on this, you are either incredibly naive or you are playing a game.
  • I have stopped all and complete contact with him. I am feeling better. I guess I have learned a valuable lesson on this. Can't believe I was that stupid! But thanks for all the helpful comments.
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