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Marriage for Saudi national


My friend needs your advice.

Bride ;Tunisian national, living in Tunis, age 21
Bridegroom : Saudi citizen living in Saudi Arabia , age 27.

Everyone says, saudia men can't marry foreigners.

Is it true ?

Please help my friend


  • Not a clue, but 2 seconds of Googling brings up some interesting articles.

    In any case surely your pal's fiance knows all the rules, and if he doesn't he can certainly easily investigate the rules since he lives in SA.

  • Sad to hear all the laws, Saudi men age should be between 40 and 65...

    Can they get married in other country ?
    Turkey ??
  • Why isn't your friend who lives in Saudi Arabia getting these questions answered directly so there's no confusion?

  • @mozak @CheersTerry - interesting in that Tunisian families in the majority would not give permission to their daughter to marry a Saudian and certainly not to go live there............unless he was very, very rich!!!
  • @mozak
    Terry has made a very valid point. Surely the Saudi national knows the laws of his country.
    Why propose marriage if he knows he cannot marry in Saudi Arabia.?
  • As is the case with so many of these questions we're not being given the whole story here....

  • Thanks all for your help

    Even I don't know whole side of story .

    Yes initially parents were against the wedding.

    And asking Saudi men lot of money to get married.

    Saudi men is very interested to marry the girl. And trying to get papers to marry in other country.

    But if Saudi law doesn't allow to marry other nationality then it's of no use. Because he can't sponsor her or give visa .
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    "... Even I don't know whole side of story..."

    Then with all due respect, why are you pursuing this?

    I really don't understand why the guy who's actually living in Saudi Arabia can't simply investigate his legal situation directly...

  • Thanks @CheersTerry

    He (Saudi men) is trying to find out , if there is any possibility.
  • "... He (Saudi men) is trying to find out , if there is any possibility..."

    I get that. My point is he's actually living in Saudi Arabia so why isn't he investigating this directly with the local authorities there, instead of having you trying to find info on the internet when you don't even know the whole story?

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    The couple could marry in another country but where would they live and work after the wedding? That is the problem.
    Saudi Arabia has very strict laws and as Terry said the Saudi man is the only one who can find the answer.
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