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visit visa

hello can anyone help my friend is from UK and she when to Algeria today to visit husband,family and her visa runs out next month but they refused her entry :( as they said she only haves 1 day on her visa and it dont run out till may and it only April can anyone give me advice that they can do that because in UK when they check ur visa and pass you though all security checks they should have told her that she only have 1 day on her visa i have been to Algeria few times and never have any problems going or coming home thanks


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    I did not understand your post. Your friend was given an Algerian visa but when she arrived in Algeria she was refused entry is that correct?

    Just because a person holds a visa does not mean that they will be allowed to enter Algeria or any other country. Entry is at the discretion of the immigration officer at the airport.

    It is not the duty of the UK airport staff to comment on the duration of the visa for Algeria or any other country.

    Cant your friends husband go to the ministry in Algiers and ask why his wife was refused entry so it does not happen again.

    I suggest that your friend meets her husband in either Morrocco or Tunisia where she does not need a visa
  • she have a visa for 3 months and she been 1 time which was in February she went yesterday for 2 weeks holiday and they refused her as the police in Algeria in the airport said that she only have 1 day on her visa but it valid until 17th may so i dont quite understand as why they would refuse her entry as i know everyone can be refused entry to any country
  • @Alethia @mariahamza - perhaps the visa was for a 1 time visit??
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    @lesley & @mariahamza
    Lesley has made a very good point.
    The visit could be for a single visit.Just because the visa is for a period of three months, if you visit for example for two weeks, once you leave Algiers the visa becomes invalid and cannot be used again.
  • aww ok thanks for advice as i understand now as when i got mine last year i had 11 months on mine and i visit Algeria 4 times but now i am pregnant un able to travel because i am over the 28 weeks she is going to apply for another visa i told her to apply for a family one as i done because if they grant her it then will be 1 year as it better
    thanks for your help
  • @mariahamza
    Your welcome. All best wishes for the birth of your child and please let us know mother and baby are ok.
  • ok thanks :)
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