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Visa for Spain

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    I am from pakistan i have i applied for Spain for attending an event there i got refused and stamped and then i collected my documents but i lost them now iam to apply for latvia but the consulate office is not in pakistan and i am applying for study visa ... there is a question in application form for D visa have u applied a schengen visa before?so i can mark it as no because the i am applying for study visa for first time and category is also different and besides the consulate office is not in pakistan and my passport is new?
  • Hi @neymar1991. I have split this into a new thread as it was unrelated to the previous conversation. I hope someone is able to help - but take note that "visa shopping" is frowned upon and will likely result in another refusal. You can't say no, because you have applied for a Shengen Visa before and that will be on record.
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    All Schengen visa offices no matter which country they belong to are connected to VIS
    (vsa Information system) no matter what type of visa you apply for your past applications will appear. This is why biometrics are taken
    So if you say no to the question "have you applied for a Schengen visa before? " your new application can be refused on the grounds that you have witheld information i.e. you told a lie
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