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Inquiry for admission in to a Korea university

Please i don't have an idea of this document {Legal, state-issued certificate of family
registry, which verifies applicant's family
relationship (notarized)} can some one help.


  • edited April 2017
    A state issued certificate of family registry is a history of a family and significant events in a persons life and is not issued in every country.
    What is your country of origin?
    If your country does not issues the certificste of family registry you will have only your birth certificate.
  • Am from Cameroon
  • @hendoks
    As Cameroon is a French speaking country do you have the Livret de Famille?
    If so this is similar to the certificate of family registry.
    If you dont have the Livret de famille then you must use your birth certificate.No doubt these documents must be translated into Korean.
  • Thanks Alethia, I will try to investigate on that
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