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visa to Algeria

hello i am not sure if anyone will know i want some information about visa to Algeria i have a passport in my maiden name but i am sending it off this weekend to change it to my marriage name as the Algerian office will be closed tomorrow and over the weekend and monday as it bank holiday
i have a valid visa until next month i am not sure if they will need copy's off my old passport witch it confirms that i had a visa and traveled to the country few times past year or so when i apply for a new one end off may or June because i will be applying for a visa to Algeria in my marriage thanks


  • @ mariahamza
    When you apply for your next Algerian visa I would send your new passport and your old passport along with your marriage certificate and any other documents required by the Algerian embassy.
    It is normal practice when applying for a visa from any country when you have a new passport, to submit the expired passport as proof of your visa history.
  • ok thanks will i get my old passport back as i dont know as i never applied for new passport?
  • @mariahamza
    I thought you were a British citizen so why would you send your passport to the Algerian Embassy to change to your married name?
  • yes i am but i want to change my name on my passport so i need to send my new passport to the Algerian consulate when i do my visa because i will be going back to Algeria in September
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