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Can anyone help me? Visa for Norway refused

Hi I lived in UK as a student visa for 6 years during this time I visit Europe 2 times and then I came back to my home country I have no overstayer record at all. 3 months ago I had applied visit visa with my wife and 6 months baby to see my wife sister in Norway they granted visa to my wife but unfortunately refused my application as well as my kid. They put the reason that you are going with your family so you don't have strong ties to your home country. I appeal against the decision but refuse again. I just want to know that if now I apply for Sweden alone ! Is that affect my previous rejected Application for Norway and is Norway embassy put my information in VIS or not


  • In the refusal letter they mentioned :-
    VIS reference: N/A
    What is meant by this? Actually I could not understand what is this ? Please some one help me
  • @farrukhijaz
    VIS means VIsa Information System. All Schengen countries are linked to VIS and it contains information about applicants who have applied for a visa and their biometric data. As you have been refused a visa by Norway your details are now held by VIS so it is likely that Sweden will refuse you unless you can prove very strong ties to your home country.
    Also "visa shopping", that is applying to other countries after your visa is refused is frowned upon.
  • Thankyou so much for your reply Norway refused my visa because we apply family visa and they said now you r going Europe with your wife and kid and that's whey no strong ties at your home country but now I want to apply alone not family ! Is it ok ? Or I should not apply right now
  • And please explain me what is meant by
    VIS reference : N/A
    Because this is written on my refusal letter I had search the meaning of N/A its mean not applicable ! But I don't understand may b they don't check vis or something else ? Please clarify and thanks again for your reply
  • @farrukhijaz
    If the VIS had turned up a negative or criminal history for example you would have been issued a reference number which would have flagged up problens.
    You have no VIS reference number which means you have no negativety attached to your application. That is a good thing.
  • So should I apply for Sweden now or not ? Because I m applying now alone not with my wife and kid so if I apply without my family its seems strong ties to my home country ! Thanks again for your reply
  • @farrukhijaz
    What about your child?
    You can apply you have nothing to lose
  • My only question is that if I will apply for Sweden alone without my family. Is this consider strong ties to my home country ? Because my previous application was refused because of weak ties at my home country and the second question is that my first refusal will affect on my fresh application? I know I am disturbing you but you gave us a lot of good information thanks again
  • @farrukhijaz
    I honestly cannot answer your question except to say Sweden will look at your application and nake their own decision.
    Your past refusal should not affect your fresh application.
  • Thankyou so much for your reply I book appointment for 1st June and I will connect with you thanks again
  • Hello alethia I had applied visit visa for Sweden on 1st June 2017 today I received phone call from Sweden embassy and they asked me these question
    1: for how long your stay
    Ans: 15 days
    2: what is relation with sponsor
    Ans: my best friend and husband of my wife sister
    3: have you visited before Sweden
    Ans: yes in 2011
    4: what is the purpose of your visit
    Ans: just visiting my friend
    5: are you going to visit any other sechgeon country during your visit
    Ans: I said no just for Sweden

    I have written down all my answers for your kind consideration please can you assist me what will happen next in your past experience? Thanks in advance for you answer
  • @farrukhijaz
    Sorry but I am not clairvoyant, but I can tell you, that you will either be granted or refused a visa :wink:
  • Thanks for your quick response i will let you know when i will got the decision thanks again
  • Hope for the best
  • Hello alethia !
    I am pleased to inform you that today I got visa for one month! I would like to say thankyou to you for encouraging me and giving me valuable advice !
    One more question now if I want to apply visit visa for my wife and kid for Norway now can I use my bank statement for them .
  • @farrukhijaz
    Yes you can use your bank statements
    If your wife has a bank account she should also submit tthose bank statements with yours.
  • Actually my wife is house wife she has account but there is no balance in her account so that is the reason I asking you ? Can I use my bank statement for her visa application. ? Because last time when she applied for visa she had attach her bank statement
  • @farrukhijaz
    In this day and age being a housewife does not mean your wide should not have money in her bank account.
    I think my previous esponse was clear
    You can give your bank statements
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