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Deported from South Korea 46-1

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Hi, I was deported from Korea this march with 46-(1) stamp in my passport because I failed to visit immigration when they called me to meet their office . I was on court process for refugee application and I had six months visa which didn't finished I got caught by immigration working illegally. Can I visit Korea again or do I have to wait for some years? Please I will appreciate your sincere reply.


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    The maximum ban on a 46-1 deportation from North Korea is 5 years.
    You now have a criminal record in South Korea and you will find it very hard to enter South Korea even after 5 years
  • @Alethia I have never been to police station during my stayed in Korea & I never do any illegal stuff accept I work illegally. And my visa was still valid when they caught me but according to them they cancelled my visa few days before my arrest. Do you think I have any criminal records? I only applied for refugee and they didn't gave me a chance to have it so I did appealed to court which I didn't win.
  • @Lala42
    Your understanding of the law and my understanding is obviously very different.
    You were found illegally working and deported under law 46-1. That means it is considered a criminal offence.
    You asked for advice I gave it. If you do not like my answer I suggest you contact the South Korea immigration department
  • I am overstay for 7 months and catch for immigration police, it was 6 yrs from now,and I decided visit to south is possible to visit?
  • @ynad
    The only way to find out is to apply for a visit visa
  • @althea,how come if not yet finish my ban,if there is any some suggestion?
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