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Visa Requirement

edited May 2017 in Caribbean

Need your kind guidance, please.
Myself and Spouse are booked in MSC Cruises for the East Caribbean Cruise Trip on the 29th July -5th Aug 2017.
Closed Loop: From Miami to Jamaica, Cayman Island, Mexico, Bahamas & back to Miami.

We are Indian Citizen having valid multiple entry US Visa B1/B2
Currently working in UAE with work permit & resident visa.
Passport is valid till 2021

Jamaica: For Indians no visa required.
Mexico: As long as any valid US visa is there no visa is required.

Bahamas: It is said Visa is required.
Cayman Island: It is said Visa is required.
Since these two are commonwealth countries we need to apply for the visa through British Embassy.

Highly appreciate your guidance, please.


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    The good news is that Indian passport holders on a cruise ship who stay no more than 24 hours do not require a visa for the Bahamas or the Cayman Islands.

    Just for your information, both of these countries have been independent from Great Britain for many years and as such have their own immigration laws.
    Cayman Islands became independent in 1962
    And the Bahamas in 1964.

    The information on the visa was from the government websites of Bahamas and Cayman Islands
  • Wow! What a wonderful news you have given.. Thank you so very much, Ms. Alethia for the immdt reply, which is highly appreciated and was a great relief..

    Highly appreciate if you can guide us on the following please:

    It is said that without Visa, Cruise Lines won't allow us to Board?
    From which site I can download this information so that I can carry along with us to prove it to Cruise lines..

    Please do help us..

    Best regards,

  • Ms. Alethia,

    Highly appreciate your valued comment on the following also, please.

    In UAE we are not able to find Embassy of Bahamas & Cayman Island, & we are guided to go to British Embassy, who are charging a whopping visa charge of $112 per Visa per country.
    Hence I cannot go to these Embassies and check personally.

    My friend who went on Carnival Cruises for the Caribbean Cruise tour told me that Visa is not required, confirmation in line with what you have commented above. When we enquire with MSC Cruises, they are informing us to check with the Embassies. It's highly confusing.

    Best regards,

  • @nnkudva
    I found the following contact information on the government websites.

    Cayman Islands Immigration Dept
    Tel : 0345 949 8344
    Fax: 0345 949 8486

    Emails: [email protected]
    Or [email protected]

    Opening times 8.30am to 4pm

    Bahamas Immigration Dept

    Tel: 0242 322 8504
    0242 322 7530
    Fax: 0242 326 0977
    No email

    I do not know if these numbers or email are fully functioning. Try calling, obtain a contact and ask them to fax or email that you do not need a visa when you are on a cruise.

    All the best.
  • Thnx a lot..

    I have sent them the mail.. not got any reply..
    As advised I will call them and find out..
    Thnx again for all the timely help assistance provided...

    With best regards,
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