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Tunisia to Algeria by car

if i go to Tunisia for 1 week and i have a valid visa to enter Algeria as i want to spend 1 week in Tunisia for a holiday with my husband and child,and then travel to Algeria for 2 weeks to see all my in laws and stay there would there be problems getting into Algeria as i will be flying from united kingdom to Tunisia ,and going in car from Tunisia to Algeria just need little bit info before i book thanks


  • You say that you can legally enter both Tunisia and Algeria, correct?

    Then what is your question?

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    I think what you are proposing could be quite dangerous.

    I do not know which of the border crossings are even open because there was a state of emergency declared by Algeria regarding its borders with Tunisia. Lesley will be able to tell you more.

    Some of the border crossings are in 'no go' areas for foreigners.

    The threat of kidnap in Algeria is high, you and your child are British and you are pregnant

    Whose car would you be driving? You cant take a hire car across the border.
  • Holy cow, that sounds waaaaay more complicated/dangerous that I thought. Ouch.

  • @mariahamza - absolutely no way!! There are new scams involving road blocks for which you will be asked to pay a toll, these are not government operated peages!!!! If you don't fork over the money all hell will break loose. You will be asked to pay extortianate prices for petrol. You can't stop anywhere even for a W.C. It would be better if you really, really want to go to Algeria to either take a licenced bus or my personal opinion is fly or invite the family to Tunis. And if you really are thinking to drive then make sure you have a letter of permission from the father to take the children out of Tunisia. And as @Alethia and @CheersTerry have advised - this is a very dangerous and bad idea
  • Oh I did also forget to mention that by law in Algeria, your husband and his family can refuse you permission to take the children out of Algeria..............just be aware of this!
  • yes i know i needs permission from the father think i will just fly to Algeria as it easier and less stress my husband will be driving if we were to go to Tunisia but think i will pass on going there and just visit family in Algeria thanks for the advise as it worrying enough with all what going on i have visit Algeria few times but will be with a new baby so best i just travel to his home as i no i will be safe
  • @mariahamza
    You have made a wise decision but you have totally ignored the fact that your child could be held Algeria .Whether you agree or not your child becomes Algerian the minute you set foot in Algeria with your child.
  • @mariahamza please please listen to me and to @Alethia. You must, must think about your child!! I'm not saying this will happen to you but I know so, so many that it has.
  • so if i take my son there to see his grandparents and family what your saying is that my husband can keep him there im bit confused and worried
  • "... so if i take my son there to see his grandparents and family what your saying is that my husband can keep him there im bit confused and worried..."

    Yes, that's exactly what they're saying!

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    The minute your son enters Algeria he automatically becomes an Algerian citizen and you will have rights whatsoever to your child.

    Your child will not be able to leave Tunisia with "paternal authorisation" in other words only our husband can allow your child to leave Algeria.
    That is the Law in Algeria and you are not Algerian.

    You should know that Algeria us not a party to the Hague Convention regarding abducted children. Nor do they recognise the United Nations Rights of the Child.
    I do not think you understand the culture you have married into.
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    One tiny typo correction, Alethia...

    "... The minute your son enters Algeria he automatically becomes an Algerian citizen and you will have NO rights whatsoever to your child..."

  • i have learned so much about my husbands culture and i have a few Muslim friends that live in u.k i will have a British passport and a visa for my son as i will not be getting a Algerian passport for him so i do know a lot about Muslim culture and i am still learning about life in Algeria as i no it nothing like living in united kingdom and have taken ur advice but will be going with my other children and my father so my father can meet with my husband and his family
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    Did you not understand what I wrote in my last post. The minute your son enters Algeria he becomes Algerian You do not need to get him an Algerian passport. He becomrs an Algerian citizen and your husband must give permission for him to leave.Neither you , your father or the British Embassy can change this.

    Now I have more understanding I cannot believe that you wanted to drive to Algiera with your British father and British children putting all their lives at risk.
    You have no understanding regarding the danger that lies in Algeria and parts of Tunisia.
    I suggest you all stay in Tunisia and your husband meets you in Tunisia and any family members he wants to bring instead of endangering your family.
  • @mariahamza - if you understand Muslim culture then surely you must know that the child is indeed Muslim. And as a patriachal society and culture that child belongs to the father!! Having your father with you is absolutely no guarantee of things going wrong. Do you or your father speak any French or Arabic. Would you know where to go to get assistance? Please be very, very cautious in this situation.
  • my father speaks french and OK i take on board all things said as i no the dangers and off things that maybe could happen and also wouldn't happen as all you advice is good and i will take it as i will never put any off my family in danger
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