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Tunisian marry to Icelandic girl

Hey, please I need help. My fiance is from Iceland and I live in Tunisia, we decide to be married here in Tunisia. What papers will she need to bring with her for our marriage? Will it be easy for me after we get married to go with her to Iceland? Thanks a lot.


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    Your fiance will require:

    Her passport
    Certificate of marital status.This shows she is free to marry and can be obtained on line by your fiance in Iceland.
    Her birth certificate not more than 21 days old
    Divorce or death certificate if she has been married before.
    These documents must be translated into French or Arabic

    You will both a certificate of health which is done in Tunisia.
    As for your living in Iceland with your wife that is up to the Icelandic government. It is never easy being granted a spouse visa from any country these days.
  • thanks a lot alethia
  • sorry alethia , just other Question , as ur experiance , do u think it ill be easy if i get marry with her and waiting the islandic goverment to make a desicion about my stay there ??? or i need a work permit ??? what i can do to make it easy , i even think to go there as visiteur and marry her there and find work there she said she will help me about work and stay there , what u think , give me advice like a friend , and thanks a lot :)
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    It will be impossible for you to be granted a visit visa before marriage.
    Normally European women marry their Tunisian fiance in Tunisia.
    Then you apply for the spouse visa to join your wife. It is the simplest way. You don't need a work permit, once you have a residence permit you can work.
    I do not know your fiancees situation in Iceland. Does she work, does she live with family or alone. She needs to be working to sponsor you.
  • thanks a lot for information alethia
  • i am a mother of 4 year old child and divorced from a Tunisian husband who leaves in Denmark.I have custody of the child from a court in Tunis.I am know married to Kenyan and I leave in Cairo with my husband the problem is my husband has refused that I leave with my child in Egypt and also he stopped giving monthly expenses of 600 Tunisian Dinar approved by the court after he learned am married please I need your advice
  • I need you advise Alethia
  • @nadiabaaroun1973
    You are not going to like what I say but your husband has every right to stop your allowance now you are married. This is normal practice under Tunisian law unless the court made a different decision.
    As for moving your child to Cairo he again has every right to refuse this. She is not just your child she is his child too and he has rights particularly under Danish law.

    Unfortunately you do not have the right to move your daughter where you want without your ex husbands agreement and he would have the right to take this to court as your child is a dual citizen of Denmark and Tunisia.
  • I agreed to bring our child to tunis when ever he visits he agreed. However refused that i leave permanently in Cairo. Can I contest to move to Cairo permanent and take our child for visiting when he is in Tunis because he leaves in Denmark and he is also a Tunisian
  • @nadiabaaroun1973
    Obviously your agreement with your husband is not working. I suggest yoo go to a Danish lawyer to sort this out.
    Your child's happiness and peace of mind should come first in all of this not what you want.
  • @nadiabaaroun1973 @Alethia - Agree 110% with Alethia. No matter what you think you want to do your ex-husband has rights also. And to be perfectly brutal I would not want my ex and child living in Cairo right at this moment. And he has every right to stop his payments to you since you have now re-married. I would be interested to know if you married in Tunisia as the laws here are even more brutal in this matter.
  • Yes we are married in Tunis with my new husband. My husband works in Cairo he used to work in Tunis. So my choice is let my husband leave alone in Cairo and my ex in Denmark and me and my son in Tunis. This what you mean on rights
  • @nadiabaaroun1973
    If you live in Tunisia then you need to go back to court in Tunisia and sort this out.
    You should have discussed these legal matters before you married your second husband.
    You cannot make decisions about your daughter without her father's permission.
    Why can't your child live in Denmark with her father?
  • He can't leave with her in Denmark because she's 4 years and his unmarried
  • @nadiabaaroun1973
    There is no law in Denmark that states a child cannot live with their divorced or unmarried father.
    You just want everything your way.
  • He refused to leave with my child not me why your blaming me? I have a Tunisian passport I can't enter Denmark the only why is by my ex to send me a visa.That's why he told me to leave with our child at my mum's house in Tunis with my child however I couldn't leave with 600 dinar so I got a job and after three years I met my new husband at the company I was working. I need advise not pointing fingers
  • @nadiabaaroun1973
    No one is pointing fingers. It is quite normal in many countries for single mothers to go out to work.
    After some research I believe that this is the help you need.
    On 19 August 2015 the Tunisian government amended Law 40 of 14 May 1975 regarding passports and travel documents.
    The law removed all forms of discrimination between mothers and fathers concerning childrens passports and the authorisation for children to leave Tunisia. Both parents have equal rights.
    In other words you do not need your husbands permission to take your daughter out of Tunisia
  • @Alethia @nadiabaaroun1973 - yes that is correct, this law was passed, however, like everything in Tunisia if the child's father objects then there can be problems! Someone I helped got a letter of permission from a Judge..............that certainly got her on the plane with her children
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