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Haiti Travel Safety

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I'm contemplating going to Haiti end of October/early November. I met a guy from Haiti in the Dominican Republic last year while I was vacationing there from Canada. We've managed to stay in touch. Since then, he has moved back to Haiti and has invited me to go visit him and his family. I think it would be an eye-opening/learning experience for me. That being said, with what I've read on the internet, it makes me wonder if it's a safe country to travel to. I would spend my time with him and his family. I would not feel comfortable venturing out on my own. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    You should definitely go! It's a great chance to get to stay with a family and experience the rich culture from that perspective. You'll be going around All Sains' Day, so ask your people if you could go to a Gede-ceremony! Best of luck, and go, go!!
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    Apart from visiting a relative, what else is there to do and see in Haiti? Is there any really worthwhile attractions, beaches or nature reserves to explore? I've heard bad things about safety in Haiti - is this true?
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    The US State Department has a lengthy travel advisory. Follow their suggestions, but don't be scared away by it.
    Make sure that you are met at the airport in PAP by your hosts. Always travel in the company of a local who knows their way around. You'll have an amazing and life-changing experience.
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    My son's school is taking a trip to Haiti in February. They have made this trip 3 times in previous years. Mainly in Port au Prince at an orphanage. After mush research, it appears that Haiti is not a safe place at all to travel to. High crime, violent crime, kidnappings, political unrest and minimal police security. Should I allow my 12 year old son to travel with a group from his school on this trip? I think it would be an eye opening experience for him but I want him to be safe. Any advice would help
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