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Rejection of Visa for Europe

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Hello.. Myself and my husband are planning on a honeymoon trip for Italy.. Myself, had applied for schengan visa twice(France nd Swiss) which unfortunately got denied both the times.. (before marriage for a family trip)..I got a denial letter from France and I have tat.. To my bad, I misplaced the denial letter from Swiss.. Now again we have planned to apply for Italy.. In this case, should I provide details about my previous visa denials!? So what will I do fo the lost Swiss denial letter? I was told I should mention abt the previous denials.. Even if I mention, I am not sure of the reason y i got rejected by Swiss embassy.. It's been a year exactly.. I'm scared now..


  • Your post is lacking in so many details and explanations that it will be difficult for the experts here (@Alethia) to comment.

    But at the very least no one can take your post seriously unless you mention the single most important issue regarding Vida questions: Your nationality.

    All the best to you.

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    You don't need the last refusals and you dont need them fir your new application. Just answer the Schengen application form truthfully
    Because all the information about you is held by the Schengen countries and as soon as they take your biometric data your past application history will come up on the Visa Information System.
    Terry is right, what is your nationality?
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