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Thanx a whole lot for the past adivise I am so happy with it and we are better with my baby. A short reminder, I married a danish but he died last year leaving me pregnant. Now I have our baby.

Now... I need to acquire my daughter's danish citizenship so she can be registered as a danish and have an identity number. I contacted the embassy and they sent to me DANISH CITIZENSHIP APPLICATION FORMS. Please I need your advise before starting any process so that the case come out successful. Do I need to accompany them with any more information other than the required certificates?

Secondly, the last section requires the baby's father to acknowledge her birth and sign, but he is dead, so what should I do?
They also ask about the Applicant's attachment to Denmark ...should I mention about my baby's grand parents? What other information may I include that is helpful? Can my husband's parents help any how?

Please advise me about what I should or shouldn't do about this.

I will be so glad to be helped through this as well. Thanx and thanx alooot for this great great job.


  • To clarify, we are in south Africa but am a Ugandan citizen. Also our marriage was satified by the Ugandan government and Danish embassy in Uganda but was not yet registered in Denmark .can that affect this case?
  • @Annmary
    You should send as much information as possible with the application.
    Marriage certificate, death certificate baby's birth certificate and of course you mention the Danish grandparents, they could write a letter
    Acknowledging your marriage.
    If a marriage certificate is ratified by the Danish embassy then it is recognised by the Danish government.
    All the best for your application
  • Thanx @Alethia .

    Should I send it without anyone's acknowledgement, or can grandparents sign on behalf of her father? Also can her unabridged birth certificate be satisfied by the commissioner of oaths at police station or where else?

    Lastly do I have to write anything separately as to why I apply for the citizenship or I only send the forms ?

    Thanx much
  • edited May 15
    Just send the original birth certificate no need for any oaths or certification.
    Send a simple cover letter with the form. Do not write a lot. Explain your husband passed away and give name and address of grand parents.
    The grand parents cannot sign instead of the father.
  • Okay .thanx dear. Will do that.
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