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Thank you for support

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@Alethia , thank you for all your Support here, surely through u , i have been able to visit almost all Major Europe countries.


  • @Karo
    I am really happy for you. Thank you for trusting my advice
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    @Alethia , I need your advice again.

    My Fiancé ( American citizen) and I have been dating for the 5 years now, we met in one of the NATO bases in Kandahar Afghanistan, we were both contracting same company. In 2014 Obama ordered closing
    Of several Bases and majority of both military and civilians were descoped. I Then came to Dubai and have been working and living here for the past 3 years, my fiancé is still contracting ,he comes to visit me often.

    Mid December 2016, we started processing my US fiancé visa, he filled all required forms and submitted all documents including cheque, then February 2017 the cheque was finally cashed meaning am in the system and my case is under process, now I understand this process takes up to 8months.

    Issue : My Fiancé is taking his annual leave next month June and he wants me to accompany him to States for two weeks stay then we can come back and continue waiting on the Fiancé visa to be granted , he in now based in Kabul.

    1 - will my Fiancé visa under process in States affect my Visit Visa application in Dubai?

    2-My bank statement is pretty good but my Fiancé insists that I should attach his bank statement too and passport copy to support my documents. Am worried because I heard, if you state that you know someone in States IE boyfriend,fiancé,relative then the consulate will automatically conclude that u will not return to home country after the end of your visit, its best to just state you are going for a visit and book hotel etc,
    Is this true or assumption ?

    3-If I say I do not know anyone ,I might be seen as a liar because my name is already in their system anyway because of the Fiancé visa on process, this is true?

    4- please advise what documents I need to present or are they same documents I submitted in the Europe visa application

    Introduction: am Karol, I work and live in Dubai as Real Estate Sales Executive with Dubai based property Developer ,its 3 years now. Am above 30 years old and a Kenyan Passport holder.

    Your advice will really help

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    Unfortunately travel under another visa status for business or or as a tourist is not advised for K-1 fiancé/fiancée visa applicants prior to the approval of their K visa as they have already indicated their intention is to marry in the U.S.
    It is highly likely that any tourist visa B1/B2 will be refused as the immigration caseworker may believe you are trying to bypass the rules and remain in the USA, such a decison can adversely affect your fiancee application.
    You can see more here:
    I suggest you meet up somewhere else.
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    Thank you
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    Thanks for your advice, they r so useful.
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