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Visa for US

@Alethia ..... Good morning All,
I would like to attend my sister's wedding in October 2017 in United states
Her Fiance visa K1 , is under process and should be ready by August or september, so i need to start my visit visa process early enough
My salary is very very little but my sister is paying for everything for this trip, she is also providing her bank statements and any necessary documents

I travelled to Georgia and Hongkong this year , i dont know if this will add value to my travel history, am worries because my pay is really little.

My name is morine , i work as guest relation officer in One of Dubai government hotels.
Am above 25 years and kenyan passport holder

Please advice what i need to do to get a visa


  • @maurena
    You will not be granted a US visit visa while you are sponsored by your sister who herself is an applicant for a US fiance visa.
    Also you do not know for certain when her fiance visa will be issued.
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