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Germany Type C visa rejected with reason 1 (what can it mean) - Help need urgently


I had applied for a tourist visa through Germany for my visit back in 2013 which was refused by the consulate. Unfortunately, I have lost the letter they had provided. However, the reason for refusal was mentioned at 1.

Currently I am in the process of applying for my Canada PR and realised that I do not have this document. Thus need help to ascertain the reason. I have written an email to the consulate and will even call them tomorrow since I am short of time now.

Do guide me please.



  • @felix4freeddm
    I am at a loss to understand why you need a four year old Schengen refusal when you are applying for permanent residence in Canada they are in no way related.
  • Well honestly, I need to ascertain the reason, which I aint able to recollect. ALthough, its 4 years old, I have had other visas stamped on my passport already. I just want to ensure my documents are all accurate before I submit. Thus I need to understand the reason number '1' circled in my passport.
  • @felix4freeddm
    I repeat Schengen visas have nothing at all to do with applying for permanent residence in Canada.
    Why are you submitting Schengen related documents for permanent residence in Canada
    it makes no sense at all.

    Take your pick from the reasons for refusal (which are the same for every country in the Schengen zone)

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