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Can you travel back to Colombia (colombian national living in UK) without a passport?

A friend has been living in the UK for over 15 years. Can he return to Colombia using his ID card or does he need a passport?


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    Your friend definately needs a passport to travel. Columbian identification cards called Cédula de Ciudadanía are not valid for international travel. Without a passport he will not be allowed on the plane.
    If he has lived legally in the UK for fifteen years it is very strange that he does not have a passport.
  • His passport ran out and he never renewed it that's all. He is totally legal though but just needs to travel home to see his sick mother. He suffers from dementia too which is another reason why he didn't renew it
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    Then he needs to go to the Colombian Embassy website and follow the instructions to renew his passport, then he can make an airline reservation to travel home.

  • @armlou2671
    As Terry says he simply needs to renew his Colombian passport, if he was in the UK legally for fifteen years I am surprised he does not have a British passport.
    There really is no excuse for not renewing a passport when you are living abroad.
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