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France tourist Visa - re-application

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Just came across your forum on Visa Application this morning and I must say it's really informative and useful. Really good work.
So thought to get in touch with you regarding my friend's visa application.

I am planning for a Europe trip (Schengen countries) with three friends starting 21st June 2017 to 9th July 2017. All our prepaid bookings are done be it hotels/return flights/flights and other transports within Schengen countries. Huge money already invested and unfortunately most of them are nonrefundable.
France being our main destination and entry port we have applied for a France Visa. Where 3 of us got Visa but for one friend read Bishwarup it was refused. To be more specific his trip was sponsored by his mother due to his ITR documents were not there that time and ours were self sponsored.
His mother runs a family business and all necessary documents of her were submitted like her bank statement, sponsorship declaration letter, ITR, company incorporation certificate, company bank statement, company ITR, MOA, AOA, I'd proof. However in the application form his occupation was mentioned as N/A assuming as his mother is the sponsor his occupation wouldn't be required. And he submitted his application on 12th May 2017, unfortunately on 17th May decision came as refused with reason as stated below:

"The information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable."
“Your intention to leave the territory of the Member states before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained.”

Now he is reapplying on 2nd June 2017 as a big chunk of money at stake and we are disheartened thinking about his visa refusal.

Now my question is as below:

1. What do you think must have gone wrong in the 1st time ?

2. This time while reapplying can he go ahead as self sponsored and provide financial documents and NOC/ leave approved letter from his Employer ? As he has got his missing ITR filed and he has all necessary documents to provide for himself.

3. Will changing from family sponsored to self sponsored raise an alert against him and get him a possible rejection yet again?

4. According to you what can be the best way to go for it this time?

5. Does he need to mention about his previous refusal in his cover letter this time and attach the refusal form with application?

6. Does he need to give any specific justification?

7. Any reference letter from 3 of us will help anyway as we got the visa?

8. Any reference letter from high post authorised person will help anyway?

Will await your response.

Your immediate kind assistance will be much appreciated as it's only one week to for appointment date.



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    1.) Please begin all Visa enquiries with the single most piece of information: Nationality.

    2.) And I can't imagine that any application with zero mention of a job, employment (or any reference whatsoever as to how the applicant makes a living) will ever be treated seriously by a Schengen official.

    Good luck.

  • @CheersTerry

    Hi Terry ,

    He or we are Indian. Purpose of this trip is only tourism.
    As I said the trip was sponsored by his mother hence he put N/A in occupation field. We thought if he puts his job details they might think if he is employed then why mother is sponsoring. Now we know that was a blunder, hence seeking your help. please advise how he should be going this time??
    Can you kindly response to the questions we have? It will be really helpful.
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    Terry is absolutely correct no unemployed person will be considered for a Schengen visa.

    1. What went wrong first time is obvious, a grown man showing he is unemployed and being sponsored by his mother.

    2. He can apply any time he wants now he has his documents.

    3. Yes it is highly likely he will be rejected as he ommitted information on his previous application i.e. his employment.

    4. According to you what can be the best way to go for it this time? Submit the correct documents and keep his mother out of the application.

    5. He only needs to answer the questions on the form. All Schengen countries are linked to the Visa Infomation System (VIS) and the biometrics will pull up your friends visa history. He does not need to include his previous refusal.

    6. Does he need to give any specific justification? Do you mean explain why he was foolish not to mention his employment last time and rely on his mothers finances?

    7.& 8. You can put in as many references and letters as you like.

    Your friends first application was ridiculous and it may seriously undermine his credibility when making this fresh application.

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    @Alethia thanks for all the answers. On point 6 yes I meant does he need to give explanation on not mentioning about his employment previously and for changing his case from sponsored by mother to self?? What is the most possible correct thing to do this time for approval even with a least chance or hope ?
  • @suv_d
    A caseworker is not going to read some long excuse,your friend should write a brief explanation as to why his mother sponsored him.
    He needs a letter from his employer and his tax return to prove how long he has been employed and that he was definitely employed when he made the previous application.

    Your friend needs to show strong ties to India, i.e. employment family etc.

    He made a serious error of judgement on his last application I hope the caseworker is understanding.

    I really can not say more than this

  • @Alethia

    Thank you very much for your comment.

    When u say to give brief explanation regarding why his mother sponsored do you mean he should re apply for self sponsored with that explanation to clarify the changes in his case?

    Or do u mean he should stick to the sponsorship by his mother added with his employment details and a strong reason for why his mother is sponsoring?

    Which would be the safest way?

    Really sorry for asking so many questions but I am sure you are understanding our situation.

    For your information I also want to add that he is working in their family business only where his mother and sister are the directors and owners, hence he went for sponsorship by mother other than the reason he did not have his tax returns filed. Does it help anyway to make his case better this time some other way?
  • @suv_d

    I mean he should put a letter with his application stating why he failed to state he was employed on the last application.
    If you mention he is employed in the family business he is likely to be refused again. you dont seem to understand that by omitting information e.g. he was employed and now saying he is employed damages his credibility. To say he works in the family business will make matters worse not help at all.
  • Unfortunately for your friend his application has a very low chance of success no matter what he submits now. Having his Mother "sponsor" him was a very poor decision. No Schengen official will treat any visa request seriously when it appears the applicant depends on his Mother...

    Good luck.

  • @suv_d
    Terry is absolutely spot on.
    Instead of waiting for your friends tax documents because you three wanted to apply together, you cooked up a scheme for his mother to sponsor him and failed to show he was employed.
    Your friends credibility is damaged and in my opinion he has little or no chance of obtaining a visa at this time.
  • @CheersTerry & @Alethia

    I was writing here on this forum to seek ur advise with some positivity but unfortunately you people gave me a bunch of negative vibes. But I am happy that my will power was stronger than your negative comments which apparently drove me to put my best effort to get my friends VISA approved as a gift to him on his birthday (i.e. the trip was planned on the occasion of his birthday only). And as we all know honesty is the best policy which turned out to be absolutely true in our case , while applying 2nd time we wrote the reason behind mis judgment during 1st application and gave them detail explanation in the cover letter along with my friend's employment documents, tax doc etc accordingly and you know what within a week my friend got a call from embassy for personal interview, when he reached embassy after the interview he was given 3months VISA on spot with an advance birthday wish from the person. That was the happiest moment for us. We went for the trip as planned in various schengen countries of Europe and had the best time of our life till date. Today I finally got some time to let you know that you guys might be the experts but not the VISA authority hence do Not give any direct negative conclusion when someone seeks any advise rather show them the right direction with positivity because this trips may not be big deal for you people but for us it's like most desired dream of our life. So thank you for your piece words directly or indirectly they have pushed me to success. Stay blessed & positive.
  • Hi @suv_d. That's great news! I'm sorry you felt unwelcome on our forum, and I hope that we can change that. We aim to foster a friendly and helpful community where everyone feels welcome.

    I'm so happy to hear your friend got his visa, and I hope you all have a fantastic time!

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