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Is it a scam

I met this guy online. He said he's from los Angeles...I have confirmed a los Angeles cell number.. He said he had to travel to Africa for his job of which he said was a construction engineer...He even told me when he was leaving....2 days later I hear from him and we talked for about a week. After a week he said there was a problem with his building permit and he was in custody. That's where i felt things weren't exactly right...why would they let him have his phone while in custody?(we texted back and forth for three days.) Finally he said they let him out and the lawyers they assigned for him helped. He was wanting 2700.00 to be able to come him to his son.( He has sent me pictures of him and his son) I wouldn't get a loan for that amount and after only 2 day it's down to 500.00 supposedly for BTA....He said the lawyers was helping him get a plane ticket home with a signed agreement that it would be sent back to lawyers as soon as he get home and to the bank...scam or not, I'm new to this whole online dating thing and just curious what others think


  • @comancheangel
    This is a scam.
    There is no such thing as BTA (basic travel allowance sometimes called PTA personal travel allowance) It is made up by scammers to defraud people like you. Just Google BTA you will see for yourself.
    Secondly foreigners are not granted building permits anywhere in Africa that is a complete lie.
    Phones can be easily routed to show fake area codes
    The photos of him and his son are fake
    Stop all communication with this person. He is not real and is probably sitting in an internet cafe in Nigeria.
  • Ditto Alethia.

    100% scam. 100% scam. 100% scam. 100% scam.

  • I agree. It's a 100% scam! Would you ask money from someone whom you haven't met personally yet?
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