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Visit Visa for Canada

edited May 2017 in - Canada
Good morning, i hope you are week is going well.

Am planning on going to Canada next month after Ramadan for 10 days Visit, i will be taking my sister along this time and am paying for the entire trip.

could you please advice me what documents i need as main applicant and what documents my sister much money should reflect in my account and any other visa requirement that i need to know. i cannot apply for any visa before consulting in you first because i always get the right answers and visa :-)

We are kenya passport holders,we live and work in Dubai for over 3 years now.Am in Real Estate sales and my sister is in Customer service in one of the government hotels here in Dubai.

my passport has : France stamp ,Italy visa and stamp and Spain visa
my sister's passport has : Hongkong stamp and Georgia stamp


  • @Karo
    You need exactly the same documents that you would provide for a Schengen visa.
    You do not say if you are staying in a hotel or which city you will stay. Are you staying in a hotel or with friends?
    Please give me more information.
  • @Alethia am staying in hotel , i will be visiting Ontario we do not have friends or relatives in canada
  • @Karo
    You will stay in the same hotel for ten days and travel around Toronto and other places in Ontario?
    You will each need a minimum of Canadian dollars $100 per day. You need to submit an itinerary of the places you want to visit, such as:-
    Niagra Falls
    Niagra Butterfly Conservatory
    Tours to wineries and maple syrup farms
    St Lawrence market etc.
    You must have a reason why you chose Canada, its a long way for a ten day visit.
  • @Alethia thank you for the advice, i will let you know the outcome
  • @Alethia am applying my canada visitor visa now, my question is ... Should i indicate that my US K1 visa is under process and am due for interview at the US consulate in Dubai anytime?...can i use this as obligation to my country of residence and proof of my returning after the end of my visit in canada or it will make visa office feel like am jumping the systeme to enter US faster?
  • @Karo
    I see no reason why you cannot admit you are waiting for your K1visa and your right it can demonstrate your intention to return home and not to stay in Canada.
  • thank you @Alethia
  • heloo Alethia, i am mazhar waqas from pakistan,i want to go abroad for my future so help me where i got easy visa in Europe side todays.
  • @mazharwaqas42
    There is no easy visa to visa Europe or anywhere else
  • ok thank's
  • what about student visa my date of birth is 7/6/1976 so any country with out ielts
  • @Alethia good morning, this time around i was not successful with Canada visa,it took them 2 months to respond to my application with a rejection letter.Anyway thats that, will try to reply in some years to come....2 months waiting just to receive rejection is tormenting.

    @Alethia My question for today - I told u earlier that we applied for US Fiance visa in January now in June they requested more Evidence, unfortunately my fiance panicked and sent just one of the documents requested- he thought if we delay response it will affect the application , which was a big mistake now we mailed the remaining Evidence last week however am not sure if the case officer will bother to received the second mail, am thinking they will use the initially received documents to decide......i don't know if this is true or not...we tried calling USCIS office but the lady who answered phone is just call center agent and cannot help with any information let alone pass us through to case officer, HOW can we get the second pile of documents sent last week to reach my case officer ?

  • @Karo
    This time I cannot really advise you on how to make it better. Your fiance made an error of judgement in sending the requested items seperately. Normally you are given a date by which you must respond with the documents so you can send them altogether.
    If you have put the correct address and reference number on both documents they should arrive safely.
    However the decision to review all the documents submitted is down to the case officer. No one else can help you with this.
    You cant mess around with such important matters.
    It is awful waiting for these visas to be processed just keep the faith and I am sure things will be ok.
  • @Alethia thanks, I know the second mail will be received but will not be used...
    So am already preparing myself for rejection.
    After that I don't know, should we re apply or what do we do
  • @Karo
    I know its tough but wait and see the outcome then decide what to do. I will be here
  • Zee, your question is totally meaningless. You give ZERO information whatsoever, yet you want an opinion regarding a very complicated issue.

    Good luck.

  • @ZEE1234
    How do you knw your papers are complete?
    Where are you applying from and what type of visa are you applying for?
  • Hi
    I wanna apply for Canada tourist visa. I dont have an invitation letter. this is my situation.
    34 years old from Iran
    electrical engineer
    10 years work experiences
    job letter
    social insurance for 10 years
    about 80,000 $ in my bank account
    no properties
    travel history: 3 Schengen visa- UAE-Malasya-thailand-Turkey-Azerbayjan
    i have still a muliple entry shengen visa from France until June 2018.

    is there any chance for me?

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