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Visit visa to France/Norway while in UK for a non UK citizen


  • Hi,
    I am from Pakistan, and I will be travelling to UK on a visit visa for 6 months. I want to apply for France/Norway schengen visa but due to shortage of time I may not be able to apply from my home country. Is it possible to apply for a visit visa to France/Norway while in UK, being a non UK citizen?
    Any information will be much appretiated.
  • Hi @CoCo_jh. I have split this topic fr you. In future you can just go to and click "New Discussion".
  • @CoCo_jh
    The French do not issue visas to people travelling to the UK on a visit visa.
    ..."The applicant must legally reside in the UK. Foreign nationals residing in the UK will have been granted leave to remain for a period of over 6 months as a Student, working holiday maker, Tier 1 General/PSW, Tier 2, 5 etc…"

    I am certain that Norway has the same rules. A visitor to the UK is not deemed to be a resident
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