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How about a plan of visiting the Dead Sea?

edited May 2017 in - Other M East
The most spectacular trip of my life will be the Dead Sea. It's my dream destination. I along with my friends want to visit there in this summer. Some of my friends suggested me about Mantis Tourism & Attractions, which will provide great travel facilities and service. But I need some more suggestion.


  • Hi @Amitshir. You can take a look at our guides here. The Red Sea is one of the top destinations on my list! I am gald to hear you're planning a visit. Make sure you get some diving in. :)
  • @Amitshir - in which country are you considering visiting the Dead Sea? I have been many times in Jordan and if you don't want a tour company then you can just hire a driver to take you and then to collect you when you are ready.
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