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Deferred Study Visa for University in Italy

edited June 2017 in - Italy
am Millicent from Ghana. I got a 1 year study visa to Italy but couldn't go because of some personal issues. i re applied to a different university Italian university and and have gained admission. can I travel with that study visa since it has not expired. would expire in september 2017


  • @maamek
    You are supposed to apply for a new student visa, if you are going to a different university. You maybe stopped at the airport using the present visa as you did not travel earlier and it is linked to a different university.
  • @Alethia what if I apply to the same university and get admission can I use the student visa. i dont want to go through the stress of getting a new visa
  • @maamek
    I do not understand why you applied to another university. You need to apply again to the first university and if they accept you you must ask if you need a new visa.
    For certain you cannot travel on the visa at it is linked to the first university and you have never studied there.
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