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Am NG lady visiting Dubai in few month time to meet a Arab Muslim guy I met online do you think am .

edited June 2017 in Expat Advice
Am a Muslims.also I met him online few months back we do chat. Call but never Skype. He wants me to visit him in a month time and ready to sponsor everything. He is Arab a kind of scared cause I read about Arabs never get married to black women and most treat ladies like slaves ..he said he is new online. I asked if he has any social medial apart from. Whatsapp he said no cause he is not a fan. and no time for all that cause he is always busy in the office and has a farm to work on always. I don't know if I should believe all that and go. He said he has never been married. And he just want someone around and if things work out we get married. He said he likes skimpy wears. Bum shorts and he wants me to wear that anytime am with him but not out.
But I tot arabs like there wife In ijab. Am just confused and scared if he is real cause I don't wanna get hurt or I get there he will seize my passport or use me for sex slave lol.. Please I need advice and anybody experience this bfor. Thanks


  • @lovely1
    I really do not like the sound of this man. He won't Skype or use WhatsApp , that makes me very suspicious. I believe he maybe married and is looking only for sex.

    Arab women do wear a hajib but they can wear what they like in the privacy of their home with their husband.

    There are several "red flags" that make me really worried for your safety. I would stop all contact with this man and move on.
  • @Alethia thanks so much actually we only chat. No video calls I feel there is something wrong that's why I needed advice to. He may be married and wanted just sex. I told him. Few days ago that I don't wanna come cause am kind of scared ...and he said he wouldn't hurt me but if I think am not safe with him I should stay with my parent ..I kind of like him cause we do talk on phone almost every night here in Nigeria.. Well am just gonna move on thanks
  • @lovely1, Alethia is right. This man sounds like bad news. I would make sure you cut off contact!
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