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I voluntary departure from south korea 23 june 2013

Hello , good day..I voluntary departure from south korea 23 june 2013 after 8 years illegal stay in korea ..i got the stamp 68-(1) on passport...i applied 3 times from pakistan after 3 years complete palanty period but they refused my visa 3 times.. i dont know where i got back approval visa again go back to korea..because i started there business when i was overstay i call the brother and registered company on his name ... and o dont have nothing in my hand now...plz suggest me easy way to get visa ...thx


  • @RashidGahfoor
    There is no easy way to obtain a visa. It is highly unlikely that you will ever be granted a visa by South Korea in the future.
  • Thx alethia..but i seen the peoples who even caught by authorties...they are in korea again when asked to embassy i am clear from korea immigration ..they said yes but we dont belive again
  • edited June 2017
    You obviously do not understand that overstaying for eight years in South Korea is a serious offence.
    Just because the entry ban is lifted does not mean you are clear from Korean immigration, far from it. 68-1 is an Order of Departure and will make it almost impossible for you to return to South Korea.
    As for other people returning to South Korea after being removed, the decision to grant visas is at the discretion of South Korean immigration, there is no magic or easy way to return to South Korea.
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