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What is the law/norm in Grenada regarding homosexuality?

edited August 2009 in Caribbean
I'm a gay man keen on a Caribbean holiday with my partner. I've read conflicting reports on the attitude towards homosexuals in Grenada. Some people say it's illegal, others say keep it under wraps, others say Gay Cruises are banned...

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?


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    I've heard as long as you keep it private and avoid puiblic displays of affection you should be ok. Not sure about the gay cruise thing though. good luck.
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    Grenada is a beautiful island tha i'm sure you would love. When it comes to your sexuality most of the population are not yet willing to fully accept homosexuality. they will nt be of trouble or try to harm you once you keep your sexual life privte.It is not customary to walk the streets kissing holding hands etc. it may be slightly o.k for a heterosexual couplebut age is also an issue. i can gaurantee you would have fun in Grenada, so by all means come. it is a superlative island.
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