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Leaving Portugal with overstay of student visa to go to bulgaria with bulgarian student visa


My name is Akshay Sharma and i am currently living in Portugal. I had completed six months of cooking diploma course in Bulgaria from september 2015 to march 2016. Then i came to portugal on my internship for six months on a student Visa. So i had a resident visa for bulgaria from september 2015 to august 2016. So in august my bulgarian resident visa expired and also my portugese student visa D expired. I did not go back to bulgaria to complete my studies because i did not have money to do that. so i saved money in these nine months to continue my education. so before cotacting my school again i wanted to ask you if there will be a problem in applying for bulgarian student visa at embassy or entering bulgaria on that visa if my portugese student visa has expired. After the bulgarian semester my further internship is chedules to be in america . so will that have an effect on my american visa. What are the consequences or risks involves in leaving portugal and entering bulgaria and will applying for american visa be a problem if i get a schengen ban. also if i leave portugal and get a ban, will it be immediate and will i be able to enter bulgaria with the bulgarian visa? As you can see there are a lot of doubts but help would be kindly appreciated. thank you.


  • @akshaysharmacfc
    I understand that you are living illegally in Portugal. If so, you will be refused a visa for Bulgaria.
    When you leave Portugal you will be facing a ban from the Schengen zone and this will have a detrimental effect on your US visa application.
  • @Alethia Thank you Alethia. I understand that Bulgarian visa will be rejected.
    I would like to ask follow up questions.I have overstayed now for Ten months. What kind of punishement you think i shall expect if i fly back to my country India. How long will the ban be and how much would i have to pay.
    Also i am planning yo apply for student visas in canada amd australia through my consultancy.So if i get those student Visas, will there be a problem when i reach australia/canada because of the schengen ban.
  • @akshaysharmacfc
    Overstaying Schengen visa can result in a number of consequences.

    Fine: The first consequence to overstaying Schengen visa is a fine. The state in which you remained when overstaying Schengen visa can impose a fine which can be very expensive.
    Fines vary from state to state.

    Record: Overstaying Schengen visa also can mean a record in your personal file saying that you overstayed Schengen visa which can make it very difficult to obtain a Schengen visa in the future.

    Ban on entry: Probably the most severe punishment for overstaying Schengen visa can be a ban on entry. A ban on entry is usually issued for 1 to 5 years.

    Deportation: A very unpleasant consequence to overstaying Schengen visa is an immediate deportation when caught overstaying Schengen visa.

    Once you are known as an overstayer you will not "reach Australia" or any other country as the Schengen overstaying/ban/fine must be admitted on any visa application you make. You have made life very difficult for yourself.
  • @Alethia Thank you for the information. Well i made a mistake and i guess we all learn from our bad experiences. I have found a work contract in portugal and startee my process of becoming legal. Hope for the best. Thank you again.
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