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New Zealand: Suggested Highlights?

Hello, everyone

My partner and I are planning a trip to New Zealand this summer and we are hoping you guys can help us out with some advice. We're really big fans of Lord of the Rings and so we're keen to see some of the astoundingly beautiful scenery from the films. What national parks etc. would you recommend, and which cities are the best bases from which to travel? Also, is New Zealand as expensive as everyone says?


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    Although you told that you both are the big fans of "Lord of the Rings" ,I am going to share some locations in new Zealand which you mustn't miss to visit in NZ. Here are : -

    1) Hobbiton
    2) MT Sunday
    3) Skippers Canyon
    4) Deer Park Heights
    5) Twizel
    6) Snowdon Forest

    Hope you like it .

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  • Hi @BruQue. New Zealand does indeed offer some spectacular scenery. If you check out the official NZ tourism website, you'll find some reputable tour operators that offer Lord of the Rings themed tours, from short outings to two-week LOTR adventures. You can take a tour of filming locations, and visit Hobbiton itself. You can even see the stunning alpine mountains of 'Edoras', the capital city of the Rohan people from the trilogy.

    If you're on a budget, you can explore these regions yourself. Take a look at
    our guide to New Zealand: there are many options. But if you really want to feel like you've just stepped into the Lord of the Rings world, don't miss Fjordland National Park.

    New Zealand can be a little pricey depending where you're coming from. It's possible to do it on a budget though! Take a look at these tips for keeping your costs down on your New Zealand trip.

    Have a great trip!
  • Hi, @Lauren_E and @BeyondDubai

    Thank you so much for your helpful advice. We are so excited for our trip and will definitely include some of these destinations in our New Zealand itinerary! I have seen that you can even recreate scenes from The Lord of the Rings on certain tours, which is really cool.

    Thanks again for all of your help!
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