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Meeting a man in Nigeria: scam?

This discussion was created from comments split from: Nigerian man - requirements for the USA.


  • Hi I've been chatting and facetiming someone from Nigeria as well.He is very sweet but of course no one is perfect. And yes I have my gaurds up.He has a close friend who has married someone here in the states.We keep close contact but some days i have my doubts, especially when marriage came up too soon and I only known him less than 6mths. Also the i love yous but I laughed it off a couple times and I can say some feelings are there but not enough for me to break a heel to get there.He say stuff like I miss you when we don't chat or facetime, honestly I ignore because i'm busy and I'm like he can't be that serious.I know all the requirements to travel there, I even have a passport but plan on Visa but i've honestly put it off even though I've talked to some of his family, his mom, friends ect.. Even his friend here assure me that he will take care of things and I've gotten my invitation letter.But is this some love involved? or part of his American dream ? And no, I wasn't born yesterday I've read way too much of what alot of is happening and scamming. Thanks dearly...We are also fbook friends and he does work.
  • @chrissy25
    You are not clear in your post but it seems you are thinking of going on your own to Nigeria to meet a man you have only known on the internet. You do realise that it is the dream for people from countries like Nigeria to live in countries such as the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia.
    This is why marriage came up so quickly and the protestations of love and the assurances from his friends and family.
    You need to be very very careful. Nigeria is not a safe place for foreigners, particularly single women.
  • Thank you for responding I was hoping you would .Yes he has tried to help me understand all is well but yes i'm not at all convinced being we only met in those few months.His friend wife went and got married but we are in the same town. I've felt what worked for them but may not work for us. I need to take a break from chatting with him because he does add other American women and a few around on his page so I believe it's him keeping his options open.But I definitely believe he rather be here since his friend is in the same town i'm in. I have huge doubts but other days it's ok. Don't mean to repeat and thank you again.
  • @chrissy25
    For what its worth I think you are doing the right thing. Follow your instincts, they are usually right.
  • This discussion was created from comments split from: Nigerian man - requirements for the USA.
  • I totally agree
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