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married with croatian girl

edited June 2017 in - Tunisia
im mido from tunisia and i will get married with croatian girl but we dont know what paper need and how much time need for paper get ready because she must sended paper translate in frensh to tunusua ambassy in vienna please can help in that ?


  • @midovic
    You will need the following documents to marry in Tunisia :-

    Your fiancees Croatian passport

    Both your original birth certificates no older than 21 days before date of marriage

    The divorce documents or death certificate of the spouse if you or your fiancee have been married before

    Your Croatian fiancee must have a certificate from Croatia that states she is single and free to enter into marriage.

    All these documents should be originals and must be translated into Arabic or French

    You will have blood tests done together in Tunisia. You make an apppointmentt with the doctor and he will order the tests, you will have the results the same day.
    These results are given to the marriage office with the rest of your documents.

    As soon as you have these documents you can marry in Tunisia.

  • yes thank u very much i have more question please she will send certifcat of birth and she s single in frensh to my ambassy with post because our ambassy exist in vienna so how can be possible for 21 days ?
  • @midovic
    I have no idea why you think these documents have to go to an embassy in Vienna.

    Your wife brings all of these documents with her to Tunisia. Her birth certificate and certificate stating she is free to marry can be translated in Croatia as she may find it difficult to translate them in Tunisia. Everything else can be translated in Tunisia.
    You DO NOT send these documents to any embassy, you take the translated certified documents with you to the Tunisian marriage office after you both have had the required blood tests done by a Tunisian doctor. Then you can marry.
  • they say to me must to take paper from manicuplty from croatia that she s single and also certificate of birth and translate in frensh and go to my ambassy in croatia not exist .exist in viena for accpt to come married here i was call my ambassy and they said that and now i hear other story really im confuse help me please :(
  • @midovic - your fiancee bring all her papes to Tunisia. You go to the translator and he will translate into Arabic or French. He will also certify and stamp that it is a correct translation. Then you can take all the papers to the municipality who will stamp. Just as @Alethia tells you. It is not difficult.
  • @midovic
    There is no need to be confused. What the Tunisian embassy told you is not correct.

    If you take time to go to your local marriage office in Tunisia instead of contacting embassies, you will see that what @Lesley and I have told you is correct.
    I suggested your fiancee had her documents translated and certified in Croatia because you may not easily find a Croatian translator in Tunisia.

    @Lesley lives in Tunisia and is married to a Tunisian. As a lawyer I have helped many foreigners to marry Tunisians.
  • okay thank u very much tomorow i will go to maniciplty for asking :* but i was think must take this paper translate in frensh or in arabic to legalization in ambassy that what i hear
  • edited June 2017
    Goodness me, we have told you clearly what you must do. I explained that documents must be translated in French or Arabic.
    There is an Honorary Croatian Consulate in Tunis try this
    Croatian Honorary Consulate in Tunis, Tunisia

    Résidence la Palmeraie de Gammarth B14
    Cité El Khalil
    2076 Gammarth
    TELEPHONE(+216) 20 302 238 / 52
    FAX [email protected]
    [email protected]
    HEAD OF MISSION Hédi Damak, Honorary Consul

    You have been given good informatuon stop listening to gossips
  • okay thank u very much i will call him tomorow and let u know what he say
  • @midovic
    You also need to go to the Tunisian marriage office.
  • whats tunisian marriage office ????
  • @midovic
    I speak of the Bureau de l'Etat Civil a la Municipalite. I dont know where you live in Tunisia but is the office you go to when you want to marry. You go here for information on how to marry not the embassy
    Stop making things so complicated
  • okay tomorow inshalah i go and i ask here is maniciplty is the office for weeding i will go and ask about certificat of birth here in tunisia stay 3 month able not 21 days and thank u :)
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