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confirmation of invitation letter to me from Romania by Romania agent in Nigeria

Pls I want confirm this invitation letter giving to me by Romania agent in Nigeria may be is real or not before I pay the rest of the money pls help me in order for me not to be scam


  • Wanna post the letter but don't knw how
  • "... Romania agent in Nigeria..."

    Are you joking?

    Good luck.

  • @TomTom1999
    Instead of listening to agents contact the Romanian Embassy in Abuja or the Romanian consulate in Lagos and ask them how you obtain the invitation letter.
  • Alethia and Terry are right, @TomTom1999. Your invitation letter needs to at be from your host in Romania. Please check out the link Alethia posted - everything you need to know is there.

    It sounds like the letter you obtained is definitely a scam.
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