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Residence Permit Access for EU: Tunisian citizen living in Bulgaria

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Hey everyone @Alethia , im Tunisian married to bulgarian woman and i live in bulgaria and today i got my Residence permit card for 1 year
i have some questions please
- is it possibel to go work with my wife in holland with it ?
- if i wnna visit any eu country i will have problems in border or something ?
- and if somoen know how to go tunisia with car from here the route and doane fee for 12 days stay with forigen car much prcuuiate it


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    Bulgaria is in the EU but not in the Schengen zone. So you cannot use your Bulgarian residence permit to travel. You can go easily to Holland with your wife but you will need to apply for a visa.

    As for going by car from Bulgaria to Tunisia you are looking at a very expensive journey . The ferry alone in UU $1500 return plus gas and other expenses. You will need a schengen visa. It is cheaper to fly.
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    @alethia what about my residence card if i want to book ticket from romania then transit to italy then tunisia ?
  • @guerradios
    I do not understand your question
  • @alethia i mean i cant even use my bulgarian residence card to transit in europen airports ?
    and i can go to romania with it ?
  • @guerradios
    Tunisians do not visas to transit in airports in Europe you only need a visa if you enter the country
  • @alethia ok i unterstand thank u
    what about romania i can go ?
  • @guerradios
    Bulgaria is in the EU so is Romania but neither country is in the Schengen zone. Therefor you will need a visa for Romania which should not be a problem as your married to an EU citizen
  • @alethia so if i unterstand right
    Bulgarian Residence Card dosent allow me to go anywhere in europe without visa right ?
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    I have explained already. Bulgaria is in the EU but not in the Schengen zone. Your Bulgarian residence card is onlh good for Bulgaria.
    You need to apply for a visa and as your married to an EU citizen this should not be a problem
  • @alethia ok then i unterstood thank u so much
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