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Can my fiance live with me in India after we marry?

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Hi I want to know something if my lover will get marry with me here to come in india so is she able to live here in india as much as she can after legally marry here.


  • @waseem
    Once you are married in India you apply for a family visa known as an X visa which is a residence permit that will allow your wife to live with you .
    Good luck.
  • Thank you. But she's tence that if she will get marry here with me in india so it will be illegal for her civilization plzzzzzzz give me some information to make her understand
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    You do not say what nationality your girlfriend is.
    For a foreigner and an Indian citizen to marry in India you will marry at a registry office under the provisions of the Special Marriage Act 1954
    These marriages are totally legal and recognised all over the world such as the UK, Australia Canada, Europe and many other countries.
    Your girlfriend would need the following documents to marry in India.

    1. Her passport
    2. Her full birth certificate
    3.proof of address in her country such as an ID card or driving license
    4. A certificate from her country to show she is single and frre to marry
    5.passport photos

    I suggest you go to your local registry office anf they will advise you further.
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