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Schengen visa name mispelled

hi i would like to raised my concern regarding my schengen visa with my name mispelled on it

how many days should i wait before they give me the correct one and make changes with the name? My flight will be on august 11, 2017 i still have two weeks to get it done

should i worry?

My Name mispelled as EILLEEN but it should be EILEEN with single "L"


  • @siriepaz
    Its no big deal. You are worrying over nothing.
    The visa is in your passport wbich is in the correct name
  • Hi Alethia
    I saw your comments and advised for refusal of schengen visas. In previous comments, I followed your tips . My story is as under
    Hi good morning to all
    I am new on this forum .living in uk, family member of Eea citizen and have 5 years residency card as family member of Eea national.
    7 month before I applied Swiss visa that was refused on that reason:
    One or more member state(s) consider you to be a threat to public policy, internal security, public health as defined in Article 2(19) of Regulation (EC) no 562/2006 (Schengen Border code) or the International relations of one or more of the Member States.
    In refusal letter , they have said that one of more member states has objections to issue me visa .
    I am surprised to see refusal reason that how is possible to object my visa. I already got French and polish visa without any problem:
    Later on, I got my personal information in SIS II ABD FRM AZR CRIMINAL REGISTER FRIM GERMANY.
    There is nothing against my name . Then I travelled to Switzerland with my EU spouse . I did not see any problem at airport.
    I submitted all paperwork work from SIS AND AZR GERMANY AND WITH IN/out stamp on passport .
    So I need help from you that is there any chance to win appeal for Switzerland visa ?
    I would be happy if you give me good advice . My case is still in appeal . During this time I have travelled to many schengen countries with my wife and I did not see any problem
  • To Alethia
    Secondly ,, can I apply schengen visa to any country ? If I apply should I mention my previous visa refusal in covering letter with LEETERS from AZR GERMANY , SIS AND UK POLICE RECORD ?
    I would be thankful to you if you give me favourable advice.
    Thank you
  • @nabeel2017
    As your case is already on appeal with the Swiss aithorities there is nothing I can do.
    You said in your post that you had travelled to other EU countries including Switzerland while you were waiting the results of the appeal.
    So I dont understand your problem
    You can apply to any Schengen country and include the SIS and Police record with your cover letter
  • @Alethia i should not worry about it? I am afraid that i'll get rejected and won't be able to travel because my name is mispelled. They have written it as Eilleen but it should be Eileen. i ask someone, they said that it is better to have it change than to risk it

    I am still waiting for it to to be change but i don't know until when should i wait :-(
  • @siriepaz
    I already gave you my answer
    Please read my reply to your original post.
    You are making a problem out of nothing.
  • Thanks Alethia
    kindly read my previous long post . in short my story is that Swiss embassy refused previously my tourist visa on the following reason below:

    One or more member state(s) consider you to be a threat to public policy, internal security, public health as defined in Article 2(19) of Regulation (EC) no 562/2006 (Schengen Border code) or the International relations of one or more of the Member State.

    Later on i did appeal. 8 months has gone, appeal is still under process. Because i have Eu spouse visa from UK then under EU law, i can travel to ALL Europe without visa if i travel with my EU spouse, not traveling alone.. Thay's why i have traveled to Switzerland with my Eu spouse and have not faced any problem at immigration counter.
    The interesting this is that, i have been in Switzerland and many other EU countries with my spouse. I do not understand that if i am thread to Switzerland then why they gave me entry in Switzerland.
    now my question, this allegation is very serious and i dont know what will happen in appeal. now , i have plan to apply visa for France. Then i got my personal information From AZR criminal register Germany, and Schengen information system(SIS), there is not any alert or negative mark in both letters (AZR and SIS).
    Now, my question is:
    can i apply to any schengen country? should i mention this refusal story in any future application? Is there could be another refusal if i apply to any other schengen country? because all schengen countries have VISA informatin system that allow them to see previous visas and refusal by other schengen countries.
    i hope you have understood my all story. I need you advices and suggestions that can help me in curtent appeal for swiss visa and for future applications.
  • @nabeel2017
    There was no reason to repeat your story I read your original post and answered yes you can apply to any Schengen country.
    You answered your own question in that you do not have to give information about a refusal when you make a fresh application as all your information is on VIS.
    There is no set time for processing appeals so you could be waiting a long time for a response or you may never receive an answer to the appeal.
    I have no advice to give you. What can I say you have made an appeal you need to wait for a response or hire an immigration lawyer to help you
  • @Alethia ok thank you so much. By the way my visa l is valid from august 11 to august 29. is it ok if i travel fron august 10 and then exactly at august 11 is my arrival to hamburg?
  • hello @Alethia
    i got my refusal of my schengen visa last july 1, with the grounds of " the info regarding the justification for the purpose....was not reliable " ur intention to leave the territory of the member states...b4 expiry of visa ascertained. " im applying in sweden embassy here in saudi, i forgot to mention that my husband is seeking asylum there in sweden in my cover letter & that my intention is tourism. in the application form since my husband is still waiting for the decision of migrationsverket and out of confusion i wrote his residency here in saudi not sweden. so they found out in there info data base that my husband is there for asylum which i miss to mention. they question me why i wrote riyadh as his residency and found out he is sweden.. and now im planning to make appeal on the decidion how will i convince them that i do not plan to be illegal immigrant and i surely comeback here in saudi because i still have job here. thanks in advance for ur advice.
  • @anikka
    I dont understand how you could say your husband was resident in Riyadh when he was claiming asylum in Sweden. No one is that confused. I believe you thought that if you wrote he was an asylum seeker your application would be refused.
    Your error has been found out and I believe any appeal will be refused due to your fraudulent information.
  • @Alethia thank u for ur reply.. yes the error is mine. so what will u advice me to do? if making an appeal is impossible what will be the out come if i will re-apply again. does will affect my second application?? . thank u.
  • @anikka
    You need to appeal imediately. However I believe your appeal and any subsequent apications will be refused.
  • @Alethia this is very sad. so u mean i dont have any chance to apply again?
  • @Alethia if my subsequent application will be refuse then what is the best way i can do?? pls i really need ur help. i dont know to whom again i will approach about my case. thank u.
  • @anikka
    I said put in an appeal or make a fesh application see what hapens and tell the truth this time.
    However, I do not believe after giving false information in your first application that you will be granted a visa to visit an asylum seeker with no legal residence in Sweden.
    If your husband is granted asylum you can apply for family reunion.

    Sorry but there is nothing more I can say and I dont think any lawyer will tell you differently
  • @Alethia thank you so much. and i will get back to u after my appeal. u are a great help!
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